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Exploring the Real World: Discussing Poetry and Publishing Poems Lesson Plan
Initiating their own questions about meaning and content, students will read and analyze poetry. They will ask and answer questions during fishbowl-style discussions with their classmates and use the writing process to create original poetry, including brainstorming, editing, and drafting. They will use Microsoft Word to publish their original poems.

Exploring the Real World: Discussing Poetry and Publishing Poems

On-line Resources

  • Scholastic
    Poetry units for teachers of grades1-8.
  • The Academy of American Poets
    A website with information about current workshops, poems, ideas on poetry.
  • Favorite Poem Project
    Includes an archive of 18,000 submissions for favorite poetry. This site includes video clips and text of poems read by people of all ages and backgrounds. Also includes a page where your favorite published poems can be submitted to the archive.
  • Teen Poetry
    The Online Poetry Journal, sponsored by Poetic License.
  • Poetic License
    A cyber magazine created, maintained and edited by teens- Digital Poetry Café.
  • Representative Poetry Online
    An archive of public domain poetry from the University of Toronto.
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