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Butterfly Pamphlets - Small Changes to Big Changes

Lesson Plan Attachments

Butterfly Pamphlets - Small Changes to Big Changes Lesson Plan
During this lesson, students will research a current world political, social, or environmental problem and create an informational pamphlet designed to persuade readers to act in some small way to solve the problem, creating a "butterfly effect" of small changes that may eventually lead to large-scale change.

On-line Resources

  • Do Something
    Do Something is an organization dedicated to getting teens involved in their communities. Their site is fun, accessible, and loaded with information about how kids can get involved in their community.
  • Youth Noise
    This site is directed at teens with "Factoids" and advice on how kids can "Get a Clue" about world events that affect them.
  • What Kids Can Do
    What Kids Can Do is a repository of stories and resources about and for kids who are changing the world. A bit more academic but truly inspiring. Check out their "Resources" link for a list of links to websites about student volunteerism.
  • Yahooligans! Activism and Volunteering Links
    A comprehensive guide to student volunteer organizations. Students can search these sites for ideas about causes they'd like to be involved in.
  • Pitsco's Ask An Expert
    A delightful way to contact "experts" in many fields for answers to emailed questions. Students may email experts directly or compile their questions to be sent by the teacher.
  • Microsoft's Design Gallery Live
    Free clipart to download directly into Microsoft Office Clipart Gallery.
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