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Adding by Dividing

Lesson Plan Attachments

Adding by Dividing Lesson Plan
This lesson focuses on the circulatory system. Upon completing this lesson, students will be able to demonstrate the structure and function of circulatory system and its components. They will use microscopes to observe and count dividing cells, use Microsoft Excel to calculate the average number of dividing cells, and graph the number of cells in each stage of mitosis. Finally, they will use Microsoft Word to explain the significance of the graph.

On-line Resources

  • The Biology Project
    This site provides the teacher with a wealth of information about the cell cycle. Students would benefit by completing this before the microscope activity.
  • Plant Mitosis Page
    This site put out by Okalahoma State has some great images that compare plant and animal cells.
  • Mitosis Review
    Contains some great plant images and thus can be useful to students or could be used in a PowerPoint presentation prior to the microscope exercises.
  • Virtual Cell
    This is a great virtual image of a plant cell. It allows the student to see what happens to a plant cell during mitosis.
  • Mitosis
    A great review for the teacher and the students.
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