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The Wave

Lesson Plan Attachments

The Wave Lesson Plan
In this lesson, the students will create, collect, and analyze data that fits a linear model. The students will perform "the wave" and record the number of seconds it takes to complete the experiment. After this has been performed, the data will be analyzed using Microsoft Excel. The students will use their findings to make predictions and draw conclusions when applying their results to a real-life situation.

On-line Resources

  • Stadium Waves
    A java applet that allows you to demonstrate what a "stadium wave" is. Also has some general and specific properties of waves.
  • The Physics Classroom
    Contains specific information about the different classifications of waves. Also has detailed examples that can be used in the classroom.
  • What is a Wave?
    A good site from Kettering University of Applied Physics for explaining what a wave is and how a stadium wave works. A nice animated gif that can be displayed to introduce the lesson.
  • Riverdeep
    Offers lesson plans on wave instruction.
  • bigchalk
    This link has information on wave basics for middle school students.
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