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Reading PDF files as HTML files

PDF (Portable Document File) files are being used more and more on the Internet because of their flexibility due to smaller size and the ability to view them on any platform. Because of their static nature, PDF files could cause difficulty in use for students who require the use of talking word processors or screen readers.

Adobe has developed a utility on their web site to help alleviate this potential problem. All the user needs to do is locate the web address or URL of a PDF file, copy that address to a clipboard or write it down, then drop it into the utility on Adobe's site and the file will be converted into an HTML file that can be viewed and read through a screen reader.

Use the example below to successfully convert a PDF file into an HTML file.

Locate the Address of Your PDF File

Step 1
Locate a PDF file you would like to convert into HTML. As an example, type in to the Address Bar of your web browser, then click the Go button.

Step 2
On the upper left side of the web page, locate the State Board of Education K-12 Academic Content Standards.

Step 3
Click the link to the Content Standards.

Step 4
Locate the list of Standards Files in PDF format.

List of Standards Image

Step 5
Point the cursor to the English-Language Arts link, and hold the mouse down. You will see a pop up menu appear.

Contextual Menu Image

Step 6
Select the Copy Link to Clipboard option.

Step 7
Now that you have a PDF link on your computer's clipboard, you are ready to visit Adobe's web site. Type the following web address or URL into your Address Bar then click the Go button.

Step 8
Locate the URL field on the Adobe Conversion page.

URL Address Window Image

Step 9
Click in the URL field until you see the cursor blinking, then paste the standards URL into the field.

Step 10
Click the Get this Adobe PDF Document as HTML button.

Step 11
The Adobe utility will convert the PDF Document into an HTML document that will open in your browser window.

You will now be able to use a talking word processor or screen reader to have the contents of the document read out loud.

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