What is fidelity of implementation?

Fidelity of implementation occurs when teachers use the instructional strategies and deliver the content of the curriculums in the same way that they were designed to be used and delivered.

Why is fidelity of implementation important in teaching research-based curriculums?

Fidelity is critical to achieving the same results that were achieved during the research. When changes are made in how the curriculum is presented, it is unclear what the effects on the students will be.

Critical to the fidelity of the implementation of a curriculum is the importance of teaching the lessons in order that the publisher has presented them. Teachers are also to teach each lesson according to the publisher's recommended time. Furthermore, teachers are instructed to follow the recommendation of the publisher about how many lessons to teach per week. In addition, teachers are to make use of each publisher's recommended questions and homework pages or activity sheets that will give students the opportunity to practice the skill they are learning. In brief, all of the publishers have specific recommendations for their programs that teachers should follow.