LAUSD/CSULA Mathematics & Science Intern/Induction Program

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In 2005 the California Department of Education awarded Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), The Charter College of Education (CCOE) at California State University and Los Angeles (CSULA) one of only 10 state Comprehensive Teacher Education Institute (CTEI) grants to sponsor a subject-based, blended intern/induction program. The LAUSD/CSULA Mathematics and Science Intern/Induction Program is based on the California Academic Content Standards, field instruction, and collaborative professional development (with CSULA faculty and LAUSD curriculum advisers) that focuses on English Learners in underperforming schools. It is aimed at increasing the:

  • Math and science knowledge base of LAUSD interns and teachers;
  • Use of math and science conceptually-based instructional strategies;
  • Confidence level of interns and teachers about their math and science teaching; and
  • Math and science student test scores (especially among English Learners) in selected grade levels in identified low-performing schools.

The LAUSD/CSULA Mathematics and Science Intern/Induction Program began in March 2005 and will operate through October 2006., with the goal of institutionalizing it as a permanent district/university partnership program between LAUSD and CCOE. Principal Investigators for this CTEI grant program are Mary Lewis, Administrator of LAUSD Alternative Certification and Teacher Support, and Ann L. Wood, Assistant Professor of Applied and Advanced Studies in Education. This program is a multi-faceted project including intensive, individualized, standards-based content institutes, teach-teaching seminars, workshops, presentations, and class observations.


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