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The Early Education Center Program offers quality early childhood programs for infants through the primary grades for children whose parents are employed, in job training or physically disabled.

The program provides an environment where children can participate in intellectual, creative and social activities that are developmentally and linguistically appropriate and culturally relevant.

Children benefit from the diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds of our families. Cultural diversity is supported through an anti-bias and multicultural environment for all children.

It is the policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District's Early Childhood Education Division to provide for the special needs of all children.

The Early Childhood Education Division offer settings in which children:

In addition to the instructional activities, the following support services are provided: The State Preschool Program

The State Preschool Program offers a three hour educational program for preschool children. This program emphasizes parent education, parent involvement, and prepares the children for entry into kindergarten. These programs are located at  early education centers and elementary schools and provide personalized learning experiences before the children enter kindergarten. The State Preschool Program also helps increase their language and social skills.

The Infant Program (CAL SAFE)

The Infant Program (CAL SAFE) offers child development services for infants of high school parents. These services include educational stimulation, health screening and other provisions to meet the physical and emotional needs of the infants. On-site career counseling and parenting education is provided to parents participating in this program. Through this program teen parents:

KidCare Program

The KidCare Program provides an environment where children can participate in intellectual, creative, social and recreational activities that are developmentally and linguistically appropriate for the ages served. Program activities support and enhance the elementary school program and are designed to met the individual needs of each child.

KidCare program activities include homework time, multicultural activities, arts & crafts, games outdoor recreation and snacks.

Program staff work in cooperation with parents, school staff, and the community to achieve program goals and objectives and to meet special needs of the children enrolled in the program.

The Family Literacy Program

The Family Literacy Program is implemented at selected early education centers that are near or adjacent to adult schools. The four components of a comprehensive Family Literacy Program include: Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, Parent/Child Interaction Time and Parent Groups. The adult education component is designed to extend basic education skills. The early childhood education component is based on a developmentally appropriated preschool curriculum. The parent/child interaction time component facilitates parents and children working and playing together as a family unit. The parent group component blends the goals of parent support groups and parent education to meet the needs of the families in the program.

Special Education Inclusion

This collaborative project between the Early Childhood Education Division and the Division of Special Education is a full-inclusion morning program. Typically early education center preschool children and ten Special Education eligible preschool children participate together in the District adopted "Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood," a curriculum which stresses the facilitation of goals and objectives through developmentally appropriate concrete experiences and play.

The program is staffed by the regular early education center personnel along with a Special Education Teacher and Special Education Assistant. Other Special Education support is received when it is required to help meet the particular needs of the enrolled children.

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