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Adapted Physical Education (APE) is an instructional program within the spectrum of physical education options, which is taught by a credentialed APE Specialist. The teacher provides curriculum-based and prescriptive instruction for students identified as eligible for service as well as pre-referral assistance to schools and general education teachers. Each teacher works within a comprehensive service delivery model that complies with legal mandates and best meets the needs of the child. In addition, services may be supplemented through collaboration with a variety of team members (such as teachers, speech specialists, psychologists, parents, occupational therapists and physical therapists, medical personnel, and others) to provide an integrated and consistent program for students with disabilities.
Instruction in APE provides the foundation for learning and performing psychomotor skills, so that students with disabilities can more fully, safely and with satisfaction participate in movement programs, recreation, sport and physical fitness activities with their non-disabled peers. The APE teacher teaches in all domains of learning with an emphasis on the psychomotor area. Instruction is provided in communication, cognitive, social, behavioral, perceptual and daily living domains in the context of gross motor skill development. Student preferences and interest are considered in program planning as well as coordination of services and resources.






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