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LA-SI Mars Rover Project

"It is part of the nature of man to start with romance and build to a reality."
- Ray Bradbury

Links of interest for those working on the Mars Rover Project 2001-

NASA Mars Resource Pages

Space Science Institute-
The Whole Mars Catalog ™

Prairie Astronomy Club-

Vistapro Images of Mars

Mars Missions-News and Information
Welcome to the Planets
Mars Today-
Hubble Telescope Images of Mars
Mars Images: Global Images
Mars Planet Profile
Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Missions/ 2000 and Beyond
Mars Pathfinder
Life on Mars?
Mars Information on the Internet
The Case for Mars
Mars Images on the Internet
Live from Earth and Mars- Lesson Plans
Classroom Activities
Florida Today Space Online-

Planet Earth's best sources for online space news.

Antarctica Becomes a Laboratory for Future Mars Missions
Challenger Center Online

- Mars Publications

Mars Team Online- Teacher's Guide

Build a Paper Mars Pathfinder

Sponsored by the Center for Mars Exploration;

NASA/ Ames- Mars Team on Line
Martian Weather report
NASA Space Linkrover
Space Day- Space Day is MAY 3, 2001
Ask an Astronomer Questions About Mars:

NASA's Observatorium- Check out this site. All public access information from NASA.

Lots of things to do.

NASA Homepage


NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory




This project is sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District under a grant given to the Los Angeles Systemic Initiative by the National Science Foundation.


Mars Rover Project

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