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Ask A Scientist
General Science Resources/Science Fairs
Biology (Life Science)
Earth Science
NAMU - the Science Bot

NASA TV - Watch and learn about the contributions of NASA

Space Sightings:: Follow the International Space Station and other orbiting bodies in the sky with SKYWATCH

Under the Sea (Coloring sheet for younger scientists)

Make sure you check out Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train.

Ask A Scientist

Mad Scientist Network
Ask an Astronomer
Ask an Earth Scientist
Ask a Hurricane Hunter
Ask a Marine Scientist
Ask a Space Scientist
Ask a Volcanologist

General Science Resources/Science Fairs

The Adventures of Science Bob
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Do Science
Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive
Everyday Science
Exploritorium at Home - The Science Explorer at Home
Funology - The Science of Having Fun
Home Experiments (Get your parents' permission first!)
Hunkin's Experiments - (Cool cartoons that will have you experimenting with food, light, sound, clothes, and a whole lot more! Hundreds of cartoon experiments from cartoonist, broadcaster and engineer Tim Hunkin.)
I CAN DO THAT! - Facts about DNA, RNA, Cells, protein and cloning
Kids Science Experiments
Ology - Presented by the American Museum of Natural History (Anthropology, Archeology, Paleontology and more..) Five star website - includes activities and "Make Its"
Science Buddies - Free Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers and Tools for Serious Students
Science Fair Central -This is an incredible site about science fairs, info for students, parents and teachers. (TEACHERS: This site includes instructions on how to organize a Science Fair!) (Parents: There is also a resouce section for you and tips on how to assist your child with the science fair)
Science Fair Shopping List - suggested items to assist you in presenting your project
Science Odyssey-You Try It - PBS presents different science experiments and activities that you can do on-line.
Scientific Method
Understanding the Scientific Method - Don't even think about NOT using it!
United States Department of Agriculture - Sci4Kids
Zoom School


Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope
Amazing Space - Interactive activities on topics like comets, stars, black holes, the solar system, and the HubbleSpace Telescope with its amazing multimedia gallery.
Astronomy Cafe
Astronomy for Kids
Astronomy - Seek the Stars
Build a Solar System
Building an Experimental Glider
Hubble Space Telescope
NASA's Discovery Program
NASA for Kids Only!
NASA Space Team Online
Sky and Telescope Magazine

Biology (Life Science)

The Biology Project - University of Arizona
Insectclopedia Research Portal
A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites (Fossil Arthropods)
Great Plant Escape - an elementary plant science program for 4th and 5th grade students.
NET Frog - Online Frog Dissection
SUNKIST KIDS - (Lemonade Stand, Kid Games, Healthy Kid Recipes, Science Experiments
Zoology (American Museum of Natural History's OLOGY website)


Atom Builder
The Atoms Family
ChemBalancer Learn to balance equations
Chemical Elements.Com
Element Table
It's Elemental Flashcards
Kids Corner - pH Scale
Molecule of the Month
Printable Periodic Table
Visual Elements
WebElements Periodic Table of Elements

Earth Science

Dinosaur Facts
Dinosaur Train - PBS Kids - Jim Henson
Dinosaurs - Smithsonian Institution
The Essentials of Geology (For older students)
FEMA for Kids - Volcanos
Geology for Kids by KidGeo
Geography for Kids by KidGeo Dinosaurs for Kids
The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - Complete guide to Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones.
Paleo Explorer Kids - Fossil Facts, Dinosaurs and Ask a Paleontologist
Rader's Geopgraphy 4 Kids
SUE (T-Rex) at the Field Museum
Understanding Earthquakes
USGS- Earthquakes
Zoom Dinosaurs


Kids Health for Kids


Amusement Park Physics Fear Not, Physics Explained
Online Resources for Physics Teachers (and Students)
Optics for Kids
Physics 4 Kids
SFU Community Outreach - Activities for Elementary Teachers and Students (British Columbia)
Steven Hawking's Universe - Strange Stuff Explained
Dried Leaves hanging on cork board

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