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Table of Contents
General References
Art History
Periods and Movements
Art Studio
Performing Arts

General References

American Art Museum (Smithsonian)
Artcyclopedia Fine Arts Search Engine
Art Teacher On the Net
Art Education Curriculum Guides - A Canadian Resource but very informative.
Art Education and ArtEdventures from Sanford and A Lifetime of Color
The Artist's Toolkit - Explore the tools the artists use like line,color and balance
ARTLEX - Art Dictionary
ArtsEdge - The National Arts and Education Information Network
Ask Joan of Art - Get your questions answered about Art
Color, Contrast and Dimension
dArt Links - The Internet Art Database
PBS TeacherSource - Arts

Art History

Art History Network One stop resource for Art History, Archeology and Architecture on the web.
Artists - Yahoo's guide to Art Masters
Art History Resources on the Web
Art of the Middle Ages
Art Education for K12
Getty Provenance Index - provides access to multiple databases on the history of the ownership of works of art, gathered from sales catalogues, archival records, and museum files.
Getty Vocabulary Program for Art and Architecture
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History ( Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles - Documenting the Murals and Muralists of Los Angeles
Nixnet Midieval Art History
Public Art in Los Angeles - Murals, sculptures and much more
University of Michigan's Mother of all Art History Links

Periods and Movements (This is an incomplete reference, more sites will be added as time allows)

Architecture - History of Western Architecture
Art Movements and Periods - a definition guide
World Wide Art Resources - Guide to Art Movements
Ancient Art - yahoo guide
Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Bauhaus - The Bahaus School Germany 1919-1931
International Dada Archive
DaDa Online
Les Fauves - Art movement of the 20th Century
Islamic Art
Italian Futurism
Harlem Renaissance - life. movement. creativity.
Hudson River School Painters
The Impressionists
The first Impressionists Show 1874
NetSERF - The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
Medieval Art
Medieval Architechture
Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts - Yahoo guide
Investigating the Renaissance
The Renaissance
National Gallery of Art - Italian Painting of the 15th Century
Northern Renaissance ArtWeb
World of the Renaissance
Rococo - French Art
Roman Art and Architecture
Surrealism: 1924-1940
Surrealism - Webmuseum

Art Studio - Site is dedicated to the study and use of artist's materials and techniques.


Arts n Crafts - Activities for Pre-Schoolers
Activities with ELMERS Glue includes a teacher's lounge and suggested activities for kids
Crayola Creativity Central - you would be amazed at all the activities you can do using Crayolas
Idea Box's Crafts - Craft activities explained and marked as to age appropriateness


The Pottery Studio
Clay Art - Discussion by Subject
The World of Greek Vases

Performing Arts - Yahoo links


One Act Plays you can download


A History of Photography
American Photography - A Century of Images
America's First Look into the Camera - Library of Congress Daguerreotype Portraits and Views 1839 - 1864
American Museum of Photography
The Photography Collection of the Denver Public Library
Selected Civil War Photographs - Library of Congress
Illustration of Namu in pencil

Illustration of EVA in PencilSafe Kids

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