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Special Education Support Services Mission Statement for the 2003-2004

The District J Special Education Support Team is dedicated to the improvement of special education programs in the areas of:

1. Standards-based instruction and IEPs

2. Inclusion/LRE and collaboration with general education

3. Parent and Teacher Support and Empowerment

4. Compliance under the Modified Consent Decree, IDEA and NCLB The team will provide support services directly to our schools.

Program Specialists have been assigned to each complex (SG, HP, Bell); to our three high schools; and to our pre-school programs. We understand that each school is unique; therefore we offer the following areas of support:

1. Professional Teacher Work Groups: allows disability/grade-alike groups to go in depth on topics such as lesson studies

2. Parent Support Groups: give parent the latest information on programs and treatments; allows parents to network and support one another

3. Professional Developments: various topics (LRE, Standards-based Instruction, Collaboration, Disability Awareness, Adaptations, etc)

4. Special Education Leadership Cadres and annual Instructional Conferences

5. Individualized school assistance in instruction, operations/compliance through facilitated walkthroughs and modeled practices

Program Specialists

Linda Ichimura
Rose Graham
JoAnn White
Joe DiLeva
Lisa Trujillo


Preschool Itinerants

Alma Daniels
Sandra Anderson
Oma Batiste


LRE support Facilitators

Dexter Viray
Adrianne Egbert


LRE Counselors

Rose Wong
Jan Patten


Compliance Specialists

Teresa Gonsalez


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