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E-Pals Class

CTAP Mini Grants (up to $2500) online application available here.

United Streaming

LAUSD Online Progress Report System
This is where you will submit your online report cards.

California State Content Standards and LAUSD Learning Standards

No Child Left Behind Teacher Profile Verification

Teachscape  and   Teachscape Registration

IEP Web Access

Professional Development Opportunities

LAUSD Online Professional Development

LAUSD U.P.D.A.T.E Staff Development

CTAP Online Professional Development


Cool Tools for Teachers

Create your own online lessons with links and activities.

Create your own online quizzes.

On online rubric generator



General Resources

Knowledge Network Explorer

 Lessons, webquests, information for teacher and librarians

Open Court Teacher Resource Page

From Now On ( An excellent Education Technology Journal by Jamie McKenzie

A WebQuest about WebQuests
...for elementary school teachers,

provides links to a wealth of units arranged by themes and grade levels. There are also links to standards related to these projects.

Exworthy Educational Links
is a powerhouse of educational links to a wealth of different resources. This is an excellent place to find just about anything educational.

The Gateway to Educational Materials
The key to one-stop access to high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet.

Global Schoohouse Network
A great wealth of information and contacts for online projects, key pals, and web related teaching guides.


Professional Development


Teaching with Technology
David Thornburg Ph.D. discusses the underlying implications of teaching with technology. This site has an archive of past articles, all accompanied with audio, that make great food for thought on integrating technology successfully in the classroom.


National Educational Standards Project
This organization provides national standards in technology, connecting curriculum and technology to state standards in multidisciplinary units.


Apple Learning Interchange
This is a great resource for all teachers.







A site where you can generate just about any kind of word puzzle you will need for your students.

Center Signs
Ever wanted to make signs for your centers, but just didn't have the time to design them? Here are some you can print out.

AppleWorks Templates for Teachers
Great templates to use in all curricular areas.


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