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We have a wonderful, talented staff. Their dedication to our students is what makes our school so great. 

Tiny PencilAdministrators Tiny Pencil

Maxine Hawk

Tandy Williams
Assistant Principal

Rose Amah
Assistant Principal


tinyrulerCoordinators tinyruler

Maria Jimenez
Title 1 Coordinator

Albina Gerardo
Bilingual Coordinator



Ms. Shartin , Ms. Wright
Literacy Coaches

Rose Heisser
Math Coach



Track A

Track B

Track C

Track D

Ms. Davis

Ms. Clark

Ms. Mangune

Ms. Feltz

Ms. Choa

Mr. Ruis

Mr. Smith

Ms. Anderson

Ms. Guerero

Mr. Peņate

Ms. Thomas

Ms. Malaki

Mr. Stanley

Mr. Jackson

Ms. Pender

Ms. Pizzochieri

Ms. Martinez-Mollica

Mr. Cegarra

Ms. Bautista

Ms. Neilson

Mr. F Montaņez

Ms. Kamzan

Ms. Rowe-Russell

Mr. Aquino

Mr. Gonzalez

Ms. Fung

Ms. Livingstone

Ms. McGlothen

Ms. Goldfish

Ms. Gallegos

Ms. Ervin

Mr. J. Montaņez

Ms. P. Martinez

Ms. Betancourt

Mr. Shreve

Ms. Nettles

Ms. Afzali


Ms. Taylor

Mr. Flores

Ms. Lisarraga

Ms. Oswald

Mr. Layton

Ms. Inouye

Mr. Merkley

Mr. Jefferson

Mr. Collins

Mr. White

Mr. Tomcko

Ms. Gammell


schooltoolsSpecial Servicesschooltools

Kim Long

Rolanda Lane

 O. Brown

Library Aide

Mr. Hall

P.S.A. Counselor

Ms. A. Houghton

Mr. Fukute
Resource Specialist

Music Teacher

Dave Stabelfeldt

Adapted P.E.

Paula Brasille
Speech Teacher




 tinyapple Paraprofessionals tinyapple

Mr. Ayon

Ms. Franklin

Ms. Lastra


tapeOffice Staff secdesk


M. Rudolph

School Administrative Assistant 


Vicky Hanson - Office Assistant

Mrs. Player  - Office Assistant

Maria Tapia - Office Assistant


  Supervision Aides

Ms. Mix

L. Martinez

B. Walker

Ms. Ochoa 

B. Best

E. Leon





benchCustodial Staff wrench


Dwight Selma 

Plant Manager


 Oscar Lovette

Moneka Reece

Robert Roach


trayCafeteria food


Ms. Dickson
Cafeteria Manager


Cheryle Copeland

Doretha Clayton

Sharon Oliver

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