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General Resources


CyberSleuth for Kids

Kids Click!

Enchanted Learning


Ask Jeeves for Kids

West Athens' Library

LAUSD's Digital Library

Miriam-Webster Online ( an online dictionary) (an online thesaurus) (a rhyming dictionary)

Thinkquest Library


Language Arts


Scholastic's Flashlight Readers
A great place for student to interact with different authors.

Open Court Links

2nd Grade

3rd Grade
City Wildlife

4th Grade

OpenCourt Resources

Dreams to Jobs

Job Profiles

Inventors Museum


Wildernes Survival 

Survival in the Gold Rush Days Track

Survival Track

5th Grade


Between the Lions

Book Adventure

Harcourt Math Links

Math Forum's Elementary School Student Center


Interactive Math Manipulatives


Lesson on Certain and Impossible Events

The Coin Flipping Page

Paper, Scissors, Rock

M&M's in the Bag Graphing Activity

The Cliff Hanger

The Birthday Problem

Monty Hall, Three Doors





Social Studies


Science Fair Projects

Science Fair Project Ideas

Hartcourt Science Link

Simple Machines

Simple Machines

Foss's Levers and Pulleys

Balancing Frogs

Gadget Anatonomy

Health and Nutrition

Microsoft Bones Lesson

Kid's Health

Dole 5-a-Day

National Dairy Council of California's Activity Page

A Look Inside the Human Body

Yuckiest Site on the Internet


Exploring Planets in the Classroom: hands on Activities

Solar System Studies 101

Exploring the Planets

NSSDC Photo Gallery

Solar System Trading Cards - Data Table

A Space Library

StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Welcome to the Planets

The Nine Planets

Zoom Astronomy by

Space Related Theme Pages

The Space Place



Insects on the Web

Insect Hotlist

Yahoo's Insect List

Insect Images from Clemson University

Land Formations

Land Forms and Bodies of Water

Land Forms

Image Gallery of Land Forms

Compton's Topic Tree on Land Formations

Land Forms and Regions

Camp Internet

The White House


City of West Athens Website

California Regions

Images of the California Environment

Selected Photos of Califoria Places

Landform Map of California

Conserving California Landscapes

California Missions

California Missions Hotlist

California Missions Webquest

California Gold Rush

California's Gold Rush by the Oakland Museum

Gold Rush Journeys

The Great Horn Spoon: A Gold Rush Adventure

California Gold Rush Hotlist

Gold Rush Hot List

California Gold Rush Treasure Hunt

Gold Rush WebQuests

Gold Rush WebQuest

Gold Rush Student Page

Gold Rush Players

Native Americans

Legends and Storytelling

Circle of Stories by PBS

Lakota Legends


The First Americans





Mesoamerican Studies

Aztec, Incas, and Mayans


Ancient Maya City Webquest

One Day in Chichen Itza

Mayan Civilization

Mystery of the Maya

Civilization of the Ancient Maya

Ancient American Civilizations

SCORE's Ancient Civilizations Page

Yahooligan's Big Picture on Ancient American Civilizations

Mound Builders

Encarta Encyclopedia Article on Mound Builders

The Moundbuilders Page

Ancient Architects of Mississippi


Yahooligan's Search Page on the Anasazi

The Anasazi

The Anasazi Heritage Center


Yahooligan's Search Page on the Olmecs

State Report Information

"This State is Great!" webquest

Great States -

The Homework Center:State Report Information

SCORE's State Resource Page

Virtual GuideBooks

U-Haul's Tour Across America (interesting state facts)

State Websites from FirstGov for Kids

Colonial America

The Colonial Gazette-A Webquest

Life in the Colonies

Colonial Williamsburg's Online Historical Almanac

Explore the Amazing World of Early America

A Colonial Scavenger Hunt

SCORE's "Settling the Colonies" Resource Page

SCORE's "Settling the Colonies" Activities Page


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