Second Grade-Camouflage

Open Court Theme:


Games and Simulations

Seeing Through Camouflage
Play this matching game to see if you can tell what type of camouflage each animal is using.

Camouflage Field Book
Explore different habitats and the animals that use them for camouflage.

Disappearing Act
See how surroundings affect camouflage

Hide and Seek
Can you find all 22 animals hidden in this picture? Click on each one to find out how each camouflages.

Butterfly Camouflage Activity
Can you find all 6 insects camouflaged in this picture?

Camouflage Game
How do fish camouflage? Play this game to see if you know how.

Predator vs. Prey- How animals use camouflage in their habitat
See if you can pick the best environment and camouflage for predators and prey.

Evolution of Camouflage - Movie of a Camouflaged Praying Mantis
Watch this amazing movie of a praying mantis that has evolved by defending itself with camouflage.

Research Links

How Animal Camouflage Works

Camouflaged Animals

Camouflage Webquest -Animal Hide and Seek

The Mystery of Camouflage Webquest