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Dear Parents,
There is a saying: "If it is to be, it is up to me."

To me this captures the essence of being a part of the Warner Avenue School Community. Volunteerism and fundraising are integral parts of making Warner Avenue School a premier public elementary school.

Introducing The Warner Avenue Foundation

The Warner Avenue Foundation (WAVE) is the parent and teacher organization that replaced the former Booster Club and PTA. This new entity allows our school to raise and administer funds, and plan school activities as one cohesive group. As the Warner Avenue Foundation Presidents, we are thrilled to be working with a talented and dedicated group of parents.

We welcome your involvement in The Warner Avenue Foundation. Please volunteer for any of the many committees that work so hard to serve the school.

Thanks for playing a supporting role in our children's education,

Rita Tuzon and Wendy Whoriskey

WAVE Board 2012-2013:

Co-Presidents: Rita Tuzon and Wendy Whoriskey
Vice-President of Business & Finance: Andy Horn
Treasurer: Margaret Meenaghan
Secretary: Allison Schenck
Director of Administration: Farnaz Manavi
Director of Parent Relations: Renee Mann
Director of Enrichment Fund: Amy Baer
Director of School Drives: Miryam Aghai
Director of Student Enrichment: Laura LaCorte
Director of Corporate Sponsorship: Leeora Moradi
Co-Directors of Fund Raising: Shoko Sakai and Marti Ornest
Director of Community Relations: Michael Schlesinger

Wave Committee Chairs 2012-2013

Back to School BBQ: Jill Bucksbaum
Breakfast Fridays: Stacey Siegel
Book Club: Nancy Steingard
Book Fair: Kathy Asilzadeh, Firoozeh Bkshian, Miryam Aghai
Courtyard Sale: Tiffany Sacks
Culmination: Rita Tuzon, Erica Hankin, Amy Baer, Tiffany Sacks

Dine-out: Janin Boroumand
Earthquake: Nicole Brzeski
Event Parking Lifts: Frankie Neman
First Day Kindergarten Meeting: Holly Shuter
Gardening: Caroline Stewart
Graphics: Tiffany Sacks
Halloween Haunt: Dara Reiner, Ron Diliberto, Sabrina Ishak
Head Room Parents: Gabriela Nagy
Hospitality: Tiffany McAvinue
Ice Cream Fridays: Robin Donzis
Kids Who Care: Community Service: Laura LaCorte
Library Enrichment: Caroline Lee
New Family Mentors: Stacie Binder
Parking Permits: Karen Romano
Monthly Parking Lifts: Claudia Carcoba
Prospective Parent's Day: Stacie Binder
Photocopy: Chehreh Soleimani
Reading Buddies: Tiffany McAvinue
Retail Rebates: Jacklin Yamin, Anita Hedvat
Roster: Samantha Goodman

Safety Committee: Farnaz Manavi, Sapna Abrol
Spring Auction: Allison Schenck, Miriam Kashfian, Stephanie Fishman
TB Coordinator: Catherine Sarkisian
Teacher's Luncheon: Janin Boroumond, Gina Rugolo
Video Sales: Tiffany McAvinue
Warner Walk: Stacie Binder, Mandy Tabib, Daniella Akka
Warner Wear: Nilou Norouzi
W. E. Care: Janin Boroumand
Warner What's Happening: Tiffany Sacks, Stacey Kravetz
Yearbook: Tiffany Sacks

For up to date information about WAVE activities, CLICK HERE to visit the Warner Wave Website at www.warnerwave.com


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"In a relationship each person should support the other; they should lift each other up"

Taylor Swift