From Warner Avenue Principal, Carol Corwen

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

Warner Avenue Elementary School is a true one-of-a kind school. It's a place where dedicated teachers and staff put the educational needs and well being of their students above their own, working long hours to make sure their students are prepared to meet the challenges of the future . . . and prepared they are!

Warner is a place where parents step up every day to volunteer in classrooms, man drop off-lanes, chair fundraisers, and help to keep the school beautiful and safe. They join committees and generously donate their time and money to support this remarkable school. Warner is a place where people care about one another, and will do all they can, whenever they can, to help. And then there are our amazing Warner students; smart and kind and beautiful – inside and out.

Warner Avenue Elementary opened its doors in 1926, almost 90 years ago, and has been providing its students and their families with a warm and academically challenging elementary school experience ever since.

To the new students and their families, welcome to an extraordinary elementary experience. To returning students, families, faculty and staff . . .

Welcome back for another amazing year at Warner Avenue.


student picture

Carol Corwen