Alternative Education and Work Center (AEWC)


What is AEWC?

Alternative Education and Work Center (AEWC) is an educational alternative for high school age teens who have been out of school 45 days or longer, and who want to earn a high school diploma or equivalency certificate. The Division of Adult and Career Education (DACE) operates these study centers where students may receive instruction in basic academic skills, high school subjects and employment skills.

How does it work?

Any out-of-school youth may request an enrollment conference with an AEWC Outreach Consultant. Together, they will assess the student's interest and high school credits, and map put a plan tailored to meet the student's educational and vocational training needs. Flexible scheduling through independent study allows students to hold a full or part-time job and also enroll in school. The curriculum is competency-based, which means that the program allows for open entry/open exit enrollment.

What is independent study?

Independent study is an alternative to regular classroom instruction and is consistent with the school district's course of study. It is not an alternative curriculum. Independent study provides students with an additional way to acquire the values, skills, and knowledge they need to be productive citizens. A course of study is agreed on, and a written agreement is signed by the AEWC staff, the student, and the student's parent or legal guardian. Both teachers and supervisors- are responsible for assuring that competencies in the independent study course work are mastered and that the highest level of educational quality is maintained.

Where are AEWC study centers located?

Alternative Education and Work Centers are located throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District. Students may enroll in academic or basic skills classes and, at the same time, leam a job skill. Locations are listed on the back of this brochure.


Can AEWC benefit working teens?

Yes. Through enrollment in independent study, students may work while earning credits toward a high school diploma or its equivalent. An individualized program of instruction allows scheduling flexibility while each student works at his/her own pace. Seat time is not a factor.

May AEWC students return to high school?

Yes. The AEWC curriculum is the same as the Diploma Plus curriculum used by DACE. Equivalent high school credits earned in AEWC study centers may be transferred back to high school.

Do AEWC students have to meet district and state proficiency standards for graduation?

Yes. AEWC students must take the Stanford 9 test (grades 9-11) and the California High School Exit Exam, just as they would at any high school in California.

When may youth enroll?

Anytime. Anyone who has been out of school for 45 days or longer may request an enrollment conference any weekday during regular school hours, or in the evening by appointment.


What do students say about AEWC?

"/ was a 10th grader with no credits and no motivation to be in school. AEWC gave me the incentive to work hard. Now I am a college student, working part-time at two law offices and attending an internship at Pepperdine University. Thanks to AEWC and its staff, I'm on the road to a successful future. "

.... Monica

"I came from a bad past. I was involved with gangs and wanted to turn my life around. Then I found an AEWC program with day care on campus that I could afford. If it were not for AEWC, I would not be able to graduate."

.... Jenny

"AEWC helps kids stay off the streets, out of jail and in school.


.... Jon


"When my mother got sick she needed me to take care of her. I dropped out of high school and didn 't know what to do .. . Now with AEWC, I can go at my own pace, stay with my mom most of the time during the day when I'm not at school, and still get my diploma!"

.... Crystal


"I am 16 years old with a hard-to-take-care-of 8 month old son. Lucky for me and other young mothers that we found an AEWC center that offers independent study so we can stay in school instead of dropping out. Now we can make something of ourselves!"

.... Yecencia

"I never imagined an alternative program as advanced as AEWC. The staff teaches you to be responsible by making sure you complete your work on time. The computer skills that I 've learned gave me the confidence that I am just as smart as other students. AEWC has given me an opportunity to analyze myself and my future!"

.... Audrey

"When I first came to AEWC I was suspicious and had a horrible attitude. AEWC has taught me to trust others and myself. The teachers are always there to support me and remind me about the importance of graduating."

.... Ruben

"I dropped out of high school during my sophomore year due to depression and anxiety. Two years passed before I entered AEWC. It helped to build my self-esteem and confidence. I'm working as a receptionist for a doctor and hope to have a career in the military after I graduate. " ,

.... Rosa

"AEWC has made a great impact on my life. Thanks to AEWC I am now a Cal State University, Northridge graduate. Also, I am an AEWC teacher assistant. I 've come back to try to make a difference in someone else's life. "

.... Lucy