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Beyond Belief
Mysterious graffiti appears as Verdugo is converted into 1941-era Ambrose Pierce High School in a 1998 episode of Dick Clark's "Beyond Belief."

Rescue 77 filming
The filming of an episode of "Rescue 77" on Verdugo's front lawn in August, 1998. The technician on the ladder in the center of the picture is the sound effects "sniper."

Parkmont High School
Through the magic of set design and camera angles, Verdugo Hills High School became Parkmont High School for "Dangerous Minds," the 1996 television series spin-off of the feature film of the same name.
The following TELEVISION SERIES were shot on location at Verdugo Hills High School. The dates in parentheses after the title indicate when the series first ran.

American Idol (2006, November)
Promo for the new American Idol series. It features Simon as a toddler, young boy and teenager, showing his characteristic "nasty" personality at a young age. Apparently, it has been in his genes for a long time.....
Monk (2005, May)
USA network. Monk is a neurotic private detective's last name. The epsisode filmed at Verdugo deals with Monk's childhood. He has a flah back, thinking about his High School days, where he got teased a lot.
Summerland (2004, October)
WB series (channel 5). Located between Santa Barbara and Ventura, the series is about a lady who takes care of a couple of children whose parents passed away.
American Dreams (2002: October & December. 2003: January & March. 2004: July)
Small town U.S. family life in the sixties, when values used to be simple. It's set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1964. The scripts that are given to the actors contain real events that acutally occurred in and aournd Philadelphia in 1964. This makes the show not only entertaining, but educational as well.
Verdugo was chosen beacuse "achitecturally it is like the time period and it is also very truck friendly," according to the set dresser.
American Dreams airs on NBC every Sunday at 8:00 P.M.
Miracles (2002, December)
New ABC T.V. series, X-file type of show.
MTV (2001, December)
One half hour comedy spoof, based on a teenage movie.
Lifetime (2001, November)
Network T.V. show, featuring all female cops, set in San Francisco.
C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation) (2001)
On January 6 of 2001, several scenes for this television series were filmed at Verdugo. The scenes involved a bomb being hidden in a locker and security guards running in to rescue the situation.
    C.S.I. airs on Fridays on CBS, but will be moved to Thursday nights shorly. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award in January 2001.

Get Real (1999)
The marvelous cast and crew of Fox Television's series "Get Real" have become a favorite at Verdugo during various shoots at the school throughout Fall 1999 and Spring 2000.
    The show chronicles the lives and foibles of the Green family and stars Jon Tenney (as the father, "Mitch Green"), Debrah Farentino ("Mary Green," the mother), and Christina Pickles (the grandmother, "Elizabeth") in the adult roles and, in the teen roles, Jesse Eisenberg (as 15-year-old "Kenny"), Anne Hathaway (17-year-old "Meghan"), and Eric Christian Olsen (16-year-old "Cameron").
    Interior and exterior scenes featuring Verdugo can be seen in various episodes of the series revolving around the teens' adventures at Truman High School. Look for it on Wednesday nights.

Once and Again (1999)
October 5, 1999, was the first air date for an episode of this new series from Disney/ Touchstone Television that was filmed on the VHHS campus in September, 1999.
    This Golden Globe-nominated series about the romantic and marital entanglements of several Baby Boomers with teenage children stars Sela Ward ("Thirty-Something," "Sisters," etc.), Billy Campbell, Julia Whelan, Meredith Deane, and Jeff Nordling.
    The series airs Monday nights on ABC.

Court TV (1999)
The VHHS campus was used as a narrative background for Martin Sheen who hosted a CourtTV channel special exploring the issues surrounding school violence that first aired in June, 1999.

Rescue 77 (1999)
In late August and again in October, 1998, Verdugo Hills High School became Langworth High School for two incidents of an episode of "Rescue 77," a Spring, 1999, replacement series created for Spelling Television by former firefighter Greg Widen. The show ran a single season before being cancelled.
    The series starred Michael Bell (I Shot Andy Warhol), Christian Kane ("Fame L.A."), and Marjorie Managhan (Regarding Henry) as paramedics attached to Station 77 of the Los Angeles Fire Authority. Richard Roundtree (Shaft) starred as the station captain. The series debuted on March 15, 1999, on the WB Network and the episode containing the resuces at Langworth aired the following evening.
    The first incident, filmed in August, revolved around a sniper shooting from the library window onto the senior lawn below and showed extensive shots of the front of the school, the senior lawn area, a shot of an interior staircase in the main building and the interior of the library.
    In October, after Verdugo erected the stadium lights, the show's writers penned an episode entitled "The Dummy" in which the Rescue 77 paramedics had to save a student who got stuck high up on one of the light standards after attempting to hang a pep rally banner for the school's "Cougars" football team.
    Clips of both incidents appeared as part of the beginning credits of each weekly episode.

Hyperion Bay (1998)
The Verdguo student body was abuzz as Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zach, on the popular series "Saved By the Bell") and company came to campus in September, 1998, to film an episode of "Hyperion Bay," a new series which began airing on the WB Network with the Fall 1998 season.
    Gosselaar played a young executive who moved his successful computer company back to his home town, a small community struggling with the after-effects of the recession.
    In the episode filmed in the boys' gym, Verdugo doubles as Gosselaar's former high school and has Gosselaar's character attending a homecoming dance. The episode first aired in November, 1998. The show was cancelled after its first season.

Felicity (1998)
The high school graduation scene for the pilot episode of this popular television series was filmed on Kersey Field during a one-day shoot on February 27, 1998.
    Starring Keri Russell ("Malibu Shores"), Scott Speedman, Scott Foley and Amy Jo Johnson, this series follows the adventures of a high school grad who decides to set out on her own at NYU instead of following in her parents' footsteps by remaining in Northern California to study medicine.
    The show premiered on the WB network in September, 1998, and is currently in its second season.

Beyond Belief (1998)
On April 21, 1998, Verdugo Hills High School was suddenly transported back in time to December 5, 1941, for the shoot of an episode of Dick Clark's "Beyond Belief" television series entitled "Graffiti."
    The episode, starring David St. James, Nathan Adams and Larry Gelman, revolved around the eerie circumstances at Ambrose Pierce School where the words "Remember Pearl Harbor" mysteriously appeared around campus as graffiti a day prior to the fateful historical event.
    The production company did an excellent job creating the "time warp" in the principal's office and the school exterior, props and extras really made our main administration building look like it might have looked had the building actually been around in 1941! The episode aired for the first time in July, 1998, on the Fox Television network.

Moloney (1997)
This CBS primetime show was about an LAPD police psychiatrist played by Peter Strauss. Exterior school scenes in a number of episodes featuring his on-screen daughter were filmed at Verdugo. Moloney aired Thursday nights during the 1996-97 season.

Dangerous Minds (1996-97)
Verdugo Hills High School was transformed into Palo Alto's Parkmont High in this television series spin-off of the successful movie of the same name.
    The television series starred Annie Potts ("Designing Women," Ghostbusters, etc.) who previously filmed Corvette Summer at Verdugo.
    "Dangerous Minds" aired on ABC on Monday nights during the 1996-97 season and featured a variety of Verdugo location shots in its episodes. The series pilot also included several VHHS students as extras.

TV-101 (1988-89)
Did you know that before Matt LeBlanc became a star on the TV sitcom "Friends" and before anyone ever saw Stacey Dash as the marvelous "Dionne" in both the movie and TV sitcom versions of Clueless, they were students at Verdugo?!
    Well, actually, they were students at the mythical Franklin D. Roosevelt High School (home of the Fighting Kangaroos!) featured in this television series filmed at Verdugo Hills High.
    But, this particular show was more than just another project using the school as a scenic location; this was art imitating life. The show revolved around a group of high school students and their on-campus television station and was inspired by the real-life VHTV, Verdugo's own cable television channel.
    VHTV was founded at Verdugo by Mr. Monty Hart in 1972 and was one of the first — if not actually the first — television production facilities on a high school campus anywhere in the country. The TV 101 cast also featured Darren Burrows, Andrew Cassese, Alex Desert, Teri Polo, Sam Robards, Leon Russom, Monique Salcido and Brynn Thayer.

My So-Called Life (1994)
The popular one-season show starring Claire Danes — reruns of which later found a perpetual home on MTV after being cancelled by the networks — featured an episode with a dance filmed in the boy's gym at VHHS.

Beverly Hills 90210
Verdugo Hills High School shared some of the duties for exterior shots on the series with Beverly Hills High.

Quantum Leap
Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) leaps into the body of a football player in one of the earlier episodes of this 1989-93 television series. Episode ends with a game on the VHHS football field. A house adjacent to the school on Irma Avenue was also used in the filming of this episode.

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