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Laurelview Middle School
Verdugo Hills High School became "Laurelview Middle School" in Disney's Safety Patrol starring Leslie Nielsen. This television movie was filmed at VHHS in March 1997.

The following TELEVISION MOVIES were shot on location at Verdugo Hills High School. The dates in parentheses after the title indicate the first air date.

Gotta Kick it up (2001, June)
Disney Channel movie.
Safety Patrol (1998)
Verdugo Hills High School became Laurelview Middle School in this television comedy movie which aired for the first time on Sunday, March 29, 1998 on ABC's "The Wonderful World of Disney." Billed as a "cartoon come to life," Safety Patrol revolves around the adventures of "Scout Bozell," a well-meaning but disaster-prone 11-year-old safety fanatic whose dream is to become a member of his school's safety patrol. This movie stars Leslie Nielsen (Airplane, the Naked Gun trilogy, Mister Magoo, etc.) as Mr. Penn, Bug Hall (Alfalfa in The Little Rascals, The Stupids) as Scout, Curtis Armstrong ("Booger" in Revenge of the Nerds), and Lainie Kazan. Production on the movie at Verdugo took place in March, 1997.

Killing Mr. Griffin (1997)
This NBC Television Network Movie starring Jay Thomas (Mr. Holland's Opus, Murphy Brown, etc.), teen heartthrob Mario Lopez (Saved By the Bell) and Amy Jo Johnson (The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie) filmed at Verdugo during February, 1997. Based on the novel by Lois Duncan, this mystery-thriller is the story of a group of high school friends who find themselves facing the consequences of their actions when their senior prank goes horribly wrong. The movie first aired in Spring 1997. Look for VHHS students as extras, especially at the "pajama dance" filmed in the south (girls') gym.

Starring Richard Thomas

The Great Mom Swap (1995)
Based on the Betsy Haynes novel, this lighthearted TV movie starred Shelley Fabares, Valerie Harper, Hillary Tuck and Sid Caesar. The plot centers around two high school girls from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds who, after an altercation, are remanded into the custody of each other's mothers in order to experience "walking in each others shoes." All the school scenes are shot on location at Verdugo including the prom scene in the South Gym (formerly Girls' Gym), the main hallway, and the North Gym (formerly the Boys' Gym). Montrose and La Canada locations also.

The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992)
This television movie featured Angela Bassett, Holly Robinson, Billy Dee Williams and Vanessa Williams among the extensive cast and chronicles the rise of the Jackson family including Michael, Janet, Jermaine and LaToya Jackson. A variety of Verdugo Hills High School locations were used in this production including the school entrance, the tennis courts and the exterior basketball courts. This television movie is still being occasionally rebroadcast, especially by some of the music video channels on cable television.

The Brady Bunch Reunion
Starring Florence Henderson and the original cast of the television series including "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

The Nutty Professor
Starring Richard Dean Anderson.

The Tonya Harding Story

I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989)
This disturbing television movie chronicles the true story of Steven Stayner who was kidnapped at age 7 and held by his captor for seven years before returning to his family. The movie is still airing on cable and off-time broadcast television and stars Arliss Howard, Corin Nemec, John Ashton and Ray Walston. The school scenes in the movie were filmed at VHHS with especially recognizable views of the football field and surrounding buildings.

Scandal In A Small Town (1988)
Starring Raquel Welch as "Beth Vincent," Ronny Cox, and Christa Denton.

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