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On Location!

From Catholic girls' school to inner city war zone, these films have cast the Verdugo campus in a broad range of very diverse settings.

TV Movies
Verdugo has also been the scene of many popular television movies.

Television Series
The VHHS campus has been the setting or backdrop for quite a few series television shows.

Advertisers have found Verdugo to be an ideal setting for selling things, too!

Rescue 77
Emergency vehicles parked on Plainview Avenue in front of VHHS for the filming of an episode of "Rescue 77," Aaron Spelling's series that ran on the WB network in Spring, 1999.

VERDUGO IS VERY POPULAR with movie and television production companies because of the beautiful campus, the versatility of the buildings and the hospitality of the students, faculty and staff.

As a result, the Verdugo campus has become a prime filming location over the years with more movies, television shows and commercials shot here than at any other campus in the world.

You've probably seen the school in any number of productions; however, you may not always have recognized it after its makeover by the set dressers!

Recent Shoots

American Idol promo (2006, Television, series)

Hercules in 3-D (2005, Movie)

Payless Shoe Stores (2005, Commercial)

Monk (2005, Television, series)

Liberty Int. Underwriters (2005, Commerical)

Wachovia Bank (2005, Commerical)

Summerland (2004, Television, series)

American Dreams (2004, Television, series)

Stacey Orrico (2004, Rock video)

Cursed (2003, Movie)

American Dreams (2003, Television, series)

Mervyn's (2002, Commercial)

Stacey Orrico (2002, Rock video)

Miracles (2002, Television, series)

Applebee's (2002, Commercial)

MTV (2001, Television, series)

Lifetime (2001, Television, series)

Gotta Kick it up (2001, Television)

May Company (2001, Commercial)

Midway Airlines (2001, Commercial)

Not Another Teen Movie (2001, Movie)

Clockstoppers (2001, Movie)

CSI (2001, Television, series)

Boys and Girls (2000, Movie)

Pokémon (1999, Commercial)

Powerade (1999, Commercial)

Electric Power (1999, Commercial)

Earthquake Preparedness (1999, Commercial)

Southwest Airlines (1999, Commercial)

Get Real (1999, Television, series)

Once and Again (1999, Television, series)

Court T.V. (1999, Television, series)

Rescue 77 (1999, Televison, series)

Sylvan Learning Center (1998, Commercial)

Entenmann's (1998, Commercial)

Safety Patrol (1998, Television, movie)

Hyperion Bay (1998, Television, series)

Felicity (1998, Television, series)

Beyond Belief (1998, Television, series)

187 (1997, Movie)

Killing Mr. Griffin (1997, Television, movie)

Jack-in-the-Box (1997, Commercial)

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee (1997, Commercial)

Ameritech (1997, Commercial)

Maloney (1997, Television, series)

Dangerous Minds (1996-1997, Television, series)

Skipper (1996 ?, Television, movie)

The Craft (1995, Movie)

My So-Called Life (1994, Television, series)

Beverly Hills 90210 (1994, Television, series)

Quantum Leap (1994, Television, series)

Wheaties (?, Commercial)

Taco Bell (?, Commercial)

McDonald's (?, Commercial)

Reebok (?, Commercial)

The Great Mom Swap (?, Television, movie)

The Jacksons: an American Dream (1992, Television, movie)

The Brady Bunch (?, Television, movie)

The Nutty Professor (?, Television, movie)

The Tonya Harding Story (?, Television, movie)

Heathers (1989, Movie)

I know my First Name is Steven (1989, Television, movie)

T.V. 101 (1988-1989, Television, series)

Scandal in a Small Town (1988, Television, movie)

River's Edge (1987, Movie)

Better off Dead (1985, Movie)

Christine (1982 or 1983?, Movie)

Almost Summer (1978, Movie)

Corvette Summer (1978, Movie)


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