Big Tujunga Wash (aerial view)

 Government Involvement In The
Tujunga Wash Golf Course Project

Original government involvement in this issue began eleven years ago. A large Japanese conglomerate by the name of Kajima International sought to buy land in the Big Tujunga Wash, with thoughts of someday building a championship size golf course on that land. The plans were reviewed and approved by the Los Angeles Planning Comission and the land was obtained by Kajima.
Several years later Kajima was ready to begin the process of building the golf course which was to be named the Redtail Golf and Equestrian Center. Before receiving final permission to start the building of the golf center it was brought to the attention of the City Council that the Tujunga wash was a sensitive ecosystem containing a flower found on the endangered species list.

Slender Horned Spine Flower

Dodecahema leptoceras
also called the
Slender-horned Spineflower

The habitat of the Slender-horned Spineflower is in alluvial-fan habitats. It is native to California and is limited to California alone. It is extremely rare and is listed by the state of California and also by the Federal Government as Endangered

 Regardless of Councilman Wachs support for the golf course, the city council, backed and encouraged by adamant environmenatalists and labor unions, voted to disallow the development of the land in question.
Hearing of the decision Kajima International began to threaten the city of Los Angeles with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, claiming that they had bought the land with the known intent of developing it into a commercial facility and now the city was reneging on the deal. They included the price of the land and loss of future earnings among the reasons for the possible suit.


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