Hunting and Food

TheTongva got their food through both hunting and gathering. They were good marksmaen and used bows and arrows, curved throwing sticks, snares, traps, javelins, clubs and slings. The two types of bows they used were the self bow for small game and the sinew-backed bow for large animals and for fighting. These bows were made out of oak, elderberry or juniper woods which are pliable.

The hunters would no have sex before they went out to hunt because they believed that it would bring bad luck. They also would not eat during the hunt or eat the animal that they had killed. They hunted in pairs so that they could swap the game and not break the taboo. If they did, they would get sick and start wasting away. Two or three play vegital fiber was used for bowstings. In order to sneak up on their pray they would wear decoy headdresses.

The women gathered a wide variety of nuts and berries from the local surroundings. the acorn was their most important source of carbohydrates. They would take the nut meat out of the acorn with an antler of pointed bone, then the meat was dried for several day and then leached of poisons. After that it could be ground up into a powder. Some other food gathered were tule roots, pine nuts, blackberies, wild oats, jicamas, sage seed, isly, lemonade berries, soaproot, and caterpillars

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