The Tongva people had a rich culture as far as crafts go. Many of their crafts include basket making, arrowhead making, boat building, and tool making. The basket making was what the native people of Sunland-Tujunga were most famous for. The baskets made by the Tongva or Gabrielinos, are considered the best quality of all Native American peoples.

This is a basket that was created by the Native Americans in this area, this basket is on display at Bolton Hall in Tujunga. Generally these baskets would be used to transport berries nuts and acorns from the hills back to the village. They also made baskets that were water tight so they could store and transport water.

Other crafts made by the native people in this area include boats that were sea worthy. Unlike most tribes in America, these people would construct boats out of individual boards rather than just carving them from a tree trunk. This is more difficult to do but produces better water craft.

The Tongva people also made crafts out of stone. These crafts include cooking vessels, carving and grinding stones, stone figures of wildlife and people, arrowheads, and spear points.


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