The Computer Graphics Class and
The History of Sunland - Tujunga Project
By Trisha Bennett

The Computer Graphics class consists of 21 students (each quarter), with a wide range of computer backgrounds from beginning to advanced. Available to us are 18 computers thanks to the support of Workforce L.A., a group of dedicated people working with the Los Angeles Unified School District, who are bringing about an integration of technology and interdisciplinary learning through the development of Multimedia Academies.

There were five basic tasks for the students in the Computer Graphics class in relation to the "History of Sunland-Tujunga" multimedia project.

The first task was to learn the fundamentals of using the computers correctly. Since we have both PCs and Macintosh platforms, it is necessary for students to be able to work with both systems.

Task two was to learn about the Internet and to make and edit images so that they can be used on web pages and in other projects. Students work in groups of four to create these web pages which will be included as a part of the school web site.

Task three was to gather information at Bolton Hall Museum, on the Tongva People, the original Native Americans who lived in this area, and to incorporate that information on web pages as our contribution to the historical body of the project.

The fourth job was to document some of the work of the other classes. This included participating in some of the field trips, interviewing students and teachers, photographing the classes in action and incorporating their work onto the web pages.

The fifth goal is to create an interactive CD on the whole "History of Sunland -Tujunga" project in cooperation with the other participating groups.


Doing research at Bolton Hall Museum

About Computer Graphics

The Tongva People of Sunland-Tujunga


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