The Tongva Tribe lived in the Southern California climate, here the climate is mostly warm. They thought and clothes were not necessary because of the warm beautiful weather.

The Tongva people preferred walking barefoot at times, but occasionally wore sandals made from hide of yucca fiber. The Tonga women usually wore skirts woven of tule grass, and petticoats made of the inner bark of willow, sycamre or cottonwood trees, which were cut in strips and worked to a great softness.

Men usually wore nothing except a belt that was really a bit of netting or fiber string from which they could suspend many items such as tools and food. When they felt chilled, they had small capes made from deer skin, and sea otter skins which were used to give them warmth. Shamans wore feathered net skirts which were special and used for ceremonies.

The women used red ochre to prevent sun surn and to give them a glossy look. It would also keep them from getting wrinkles and chapped skin.

Men had long hair which they wore loose, or braided pinned up with a bone hairpins.They used earrings of cane also. Women wore their hair long and loose.

They had tatoos on their bodies also. Charcoal, or juice from deadly nightshade was rubbed into small wounds which had been made with a cactus thorn. This made permenent tatoos.

They wore necklaces of beads made with shells, stone and seeds. They used red and black abalone and from obivella shells. These beads sometimes represented wealth.

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