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Where In the World?
Verdugo Hills High School alums are living in some far-flung places around the globe. Here are some who currently live outside the U.S.

Louis Bloom (1949)
Munich, Germany

William Bowen (1949)
Paris, France

Leo Ferns (1965)
Christchurch, New Zealand

Tony Hollombe (1965)

Leo De John (1972)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Juergen Schmalacker (1973)
Heidelberg, Germany

Valerie Silverii (1975)
Sydney, Australia

David Henney (1977)
Lugansk, Ukraine

John Ricottone (1978)
Toronto, Canada

Guy Whitla (1979)

John Eickemeyer (1979)

Beth Enari (1980)

Carl Olson (1986)
Bucks, England

Jose Flores (1994)
Irapuato, Mexico

Wilson Menjivar (1997)
Diego Garcia Island
Indian Ocean

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Alums Do Come Home Again

Alumni from classes spanning Verdugo's history filled the stands on Kersey Field in celebration of the annual Homecoming festivities.

Former Dons came from as far away as Washington state to participate in the October 15, 1999, event which featured a football game against the Poly Parrots, a parade, and performances by the VHHS Marching Band & Drill Team and the VHHS Cheerleading Team.

The Class of 1989 used the occasion as part of their three-day 10-year reunion celebration. Many Eighty-Niners cheered in the stands and some even arranged for a truck to ride in the Homecoming Parade. After their formal dinner/dance on Saturday, class members returned to the campus on Sunday for a family picnic on the senior lawn.

The class is led by president Aaron Peterson, who is now a very popular social studies instructor at Verdugo.

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Class of 1949
Representatives of the Class of 1948 and 1949 show the class plaques that marked time capsules buried by the classes 50 years ago.

Tales Told Through Time

A group of alumni from the winter and summer classes of 1948 and 1949 joined Principal Gary Turner on May 29, 1999, to unearth time capsules that they had buried a half-century earlier.

As the assembled group watched expectantly, Dr. Turner and Jim Hancock sawed and chiseled away at the concrete that had held the cigar-shaped tubes in suspended animation in anticipation of this event.

The capsules contained copies of the graduation programs for the classes, class rosters and class wills. While the intent of some of the comedic bequests in the wills had been lost by the passage of time, many others brought joy and amusement to the assembled group and unleashed a torrent of anecdotes from alumni that clearly still looked upon their years at Verdugo with great fondness.

The excavation was held in preparation for a joint 50-year reunion to be held later in the year.

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