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Mi Jardin 

by Francisca Grande, age 11

Yo se que ese jardin no es mio,
pero para mi lo es.
Ricas verduras viven ahi
que para alimentarnos tienen que morir.
Mi jardin, mi jardin...
lindas flores de hermosos colores...
Yo se que no es mi jardin,
pero para mi lo es.
Mi jardin, mi jardin...
que hermoso es.

  My Garden

I know this garden is not mine,
but to me it is.
Luscious rich vegetables live there
which must die to feed us and give us life.
My garden, my garden...
Perfect flowers of beautiful colors...
I know that it isn't my garden,
but to me, it is.
My garden, my garden...
how beautiful it is.



What I Like About the Garden

by Rachel Tomlinson, age 11

Watch the beans
climb the corn,
That's what I like
about the garden.

Pick a tomato
from the plant,
That's what I like
about the garden.

Search for strawberries
under the leaves,
That's what I like
about the garden.

Plant the pansies
to keep away the bugs,
That's what I like
about the garden.

Try to pull
up the carrot,
That's what I like
about the garden.

Eat the veggies
that are fresh,
That's what I love
about the garden.


The School Garden

by Jamie Gottlieb, age 11

The school garden is fun and important for the school because it brings us closer to nature. After you plant the vegetable or flower you feel that you've brought something to life, it feels really good. Also, when you see kids in the salad bar enjoying the vegetables you have probably planted, your emotion is great inside. You planted that vegetable and now that student is delighted to be eating it.

Another reason the school garden is fun is that kids who get bussed in from the city may not have a yard for gardening. They'd have that sensation too. They might even be more touched than the kids who live in Topanga who are around that kind of nature all the time.

I think the school garden was a wonderful idea and I hope you do too.


Why Plants are Important

by Rachel Goldstein, age 11

Plants are important because they produce oxygen. They are important because some animals eat them. Some plants are used in salads.

Some plants, like flowers, smell good. Bees suck up the nectar from flowers to make honey. Flowers are also used as decorations in houses.

Trees are also used to make houses, swings, paper, boxes, bags, etc.. Trees also give us air to breathe. Children love to make tree houses in trees. You also use trees in your fireplace. Trees are fun to climb.

Grass is fun to roll around in, especially where there is a hill. Tall grass is very fun to play and hide in. It is also fun to help the grass grow. It is fun to turn on the sprinkler and run through it while it waters the grass.

Leaves are on trees. At times the leaves fall from the trees, especially in Autumn they fall. Then it's fun to rake them into a pile to jump into.

A bush is a small tree. A bush is fun to hide in. A bush can be a wind breaker. A bush also gives us the air we breathe.

No matter what kind of plant it is...a tree, a flower, a blade of grass, a leaf, or just a bush...

They need our help to live and grow.


What Plants Do For You

by Amanda Tasker, age 10

Why is it important to garden? If you would like to know, it would be a pleasure to tell you. We grow trees which are very important to our planet. They give us oxygen, shade, and the best part of all is leaves for us to play in. Trees are fun to climb so that you can see all the amazing flowers beautifully shining in the spring sun. Plants give us food like vegetables and fruit. Without plants we wouldn't be alive. Plants are so important to us. Spring is the best time for planting and to start a garden in school. It is important to garden and you can help. One little seed can make a big difference. Treat others the way you would like to be treated because after all plants are living things.


A Garden of Green

by Sabrina Zeri, age 10

A road of brown ribbon,
a sky that is blue.
A garden of green,
and a sky peeping through.
Asters, deep purple,
a grasshoppers's call.
Today is summer,
tomorrow's fall.


Oh the Salad Bar

by Daniel Henne, age 10

Oh the salad bar.

How I love the salad bar.
I love the wild varieties
of veggies I can eat
at the salad bar.
Oh the salad bar.
The salad is so yummy.
The salad bar tastes so good.
Oh the tomatoes, onions,
olives, and all the rest.

Oh the salad bar.


The Garden

by Ted Tomlinson, age 9

I like the garden because it teaches you how to garden and plant seeds. I also like the garden because it has organic foods. I like to plant seeds and help take care of the garden. But I had the most fun pulling weeds! When we went to the garden we planted marigolds, watermelons, Inca corn and sunflowers. I am looking forward to coming back to the garden.


On Planting the Garden

by Monica Husser, age 8

On April 17, 1997 we planted sunflowers, watermelons and so much more. I had a lot of fun pulling weeds, watering plants, and burying seeds. I didn't know what to do at first. Well then I finally decided in about five minutes. Oh how much fun it was planting seeds and pulling those evil weeds. There was so much to see, too! There were lily pads, and bright marigolds to keep the bugs away. Having a garden is important.


Tasty Treat

by Samara Kaplan, age 9

Tasty treat in the garden
Green, delicious, yummy snack
In our lunchroom now.