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The school organic vegetable garden is finally finished after nine months of collaboration and hard work by a number of individuals from our community! For those of you who have not follow the program, Healthy Children -- Healthy Planet is a pilot program running at Topanga Elementary which is designed to help children take responsibility for their individual health and that of the planet. The salad bar was started last year and will soon be offered three times a week. With the garden, the students will be able to grow food that they can actually eat as part of the salad bar. We will soon be composting the salad bar leftovers to work into the garden. We're also getting worms to help us compost!

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We would like to thank all of the people who contributed their time and energy: Jackie Berz for her ongoing support, Booster Club for sponsoring us, John Sherwood for his beautiful design, Ben Katz and John Hyman for visioning, Susha and Charlie Black for preparing the soil, Rick Provisor for hauling soil, Jim Wiley for rototilling, Peter Norwood for hauling soil and wood chips, Steve Carlson for rototilling and moving soil, Jim Finnengan, Barry Leneman and Jeff Shatz for their skilled carpentry to build the beds, Cub Scout Den 7 and parents along with Barry Dunn, Jo Barry, Noel Rhodes, Jordan Lederer and various children for helping build the beds, John Morrison for designing and installing the irrigation system, Steve Ray and Ken Widen for digging trenches and installing the sprinklers, Ernesto Hernandez for getting us started, Sean Rhodes for installing the electric timer clock, John Sherwood for planting the fish pond, Sandy Savas for making phone calls for volunteers, Tony Morris and Kay Saltman for taking photographs, Jeff Holmes for telling us how to plant, Rosi Dagit for support and advice, Maria Kane and Sassafras Nursery for planting the entry trellis and flower beds, Rogers Wald for forthcoming native plant/succulent bed, Topanga Lumber and Smith Pipe for giving us contractor prices on lumber and plumbing material, Franklin Hardware for donating hand tools, Mike Connell and Green Thumb Nursery for donating flats of vegetable starts, Gisele Schoniger of Whitney Farms and Central Garden for donating organic vegetable fertilizer, Anthea Rice and all the parent volunteers who helped the students plant the garden, Foster Sherwood for building the forthcoming composter, Donna Miller for keeping us from digging in the wrong spots, Gabriella Lamirand for her support, The Konheim Foundation and Kaiser Permanente for their generous grants, Celeste Fremon, Ann Stalcup, Al Martinez, Rick Oginz, Sandy Savas and John Sherwood for judging the art and essay contest, Bill Maxwell and the AMC Theater -- Woodland Hills for prizes for the contest and Cody Silberfein for helping out in every stage of making this a reality.

Cynthia Riddle