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-Treasures (ConnectEd)
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Teacher Links
-Outlook Web Access
-Envision Math
-Treasures (ConnectEd)
-Core K-12
-English Language Arts Standards
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Second Grade

Third Grade

Internet Educational Workbook | Harcourt Brace Spelling

Fourth Grade

Using Commas in a Series | Benefits of Eating Healthy | Oh, California Supplement | Science Links | | I Know That

Fifth Grade

4th and 5th Grade Resources | Open Court Links | Math Activities |


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Science Links


Guided Tour: Visible Human | The Heart: An Online Exploration


Art History Network | Art Images | Art Basics

California Indians

California Indians | Chumash Indians


Careers for Kids | Cool Careers |

Colonial Days

U.S. History | Early America | Early American History | American Revolution Timeline

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Dinosauria Online | Britannica Online | Discovering Dinosaurs | U.S. Geological Survey | Geologic and Paleontologic Cookbook | U.C. Berkeley Dinosauria

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The Fifty States

50 States | History of the United States | States and Capitals | State Profiles | Interactive Map of the United States

Gold Rush

Oregon Trail | Women in the Gold Rush | The Gold Rush


Mexican Heritage | What Does Your Name Mean? | Quilts, Counterpanes & Throws | Easy Quilt Block Patterns | Quilt Show | Quilt


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Land and Weather

Types of Land | Weather---Yahoo | Weather Information | Cold Air Front | Warm Air Front | Barometer Readings | Weather Underground | Warm Air approaches Cold Air | Air Pressure | Weather Sites for Kids | Storm Watch



Presidents of the United States | First Ladies | The White House


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Amazon Interactive | Journey into Amazonia | Kids' Corner: Rainforest | Science in the Rainforest Electronic Field Trip


Old Sacramento | Visit Old Sacramento


Periodic Table of Elements | Countertop Chemistry | Rader's Chem4kids | BrainPop Science | Atoms and Ions | Balloons and Static Electricity | Circuit Construction Kit | Rocks and Minerals | Continental Drift | Volcanoes | Earthquakes | Water | SciLinks for Harcourt Science Textbooks | Cells Alive | The Water Cycle

Solar System

Welcome to the Planets | Around The Solar System -- Top Level Page | The Nine Planets | Solar System Information


The Mayflower Tour | Thanksgiving Cyber Challenge | Thanksgiving--Traditions & History


The Electronic Zoo | The Los Angeles Zoo | Zoo Atlanta | The San Diego Zoo | Welcome to the Wildlife Conservation Society


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