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Shenandoah Resources

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  Ready by 5
  Back In Control®
  Healthy Start
  LA's Best
  Youth Services - YS
Nurse's Corner Headlice
State & Community Resources California Standards Tests released
questions from 2003 - 2005
  South Roberston Community

General Links LAUSD Kids
  Los Angeles Public Library
  Homework Help
  Kids' Search Engine
  Kid-safe web sites
  released questions from the California Standards Tests
2003 - 2005
Games and More National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  Learn all about banking
Reading, Math, Science Starfall - Reading, Phonics, and other stuff
  Fable Vision Fun Stories
  Nasa for Kids
Music and Art San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site
  The Getty Museum's Section for Kids
  Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Arts
Classroom Web Pages Ms. Mohazab
  Mr. Steins
School Related Report Child Abuse
  Renew your credential
  Login to ESIS/SOAR
  Check my lausd email
  LAUSD Forms
  Login to Inside LAUSD
  ITD Form - Request for Service for your computers
  Welligent IEPs
Language Arts Open Court Resources
  Starfall - Reading
Mathematics & Science Math Assessment
Results by Princeton Review
  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Other Scholastic
  Lakeshore Learning
  Lakeshore Resources
  Create Rubrics
  Thousands of lesson plans
  Create and manage online quizes

Teams Teaching Circles

  The Jester & Farley Phund
  Second Step
Professional Development UPDATE Courses
  Learning Zone
  Teachstar Online Learning Academy
Constructivist Teaching Learn About Webquests
Search for Webquests
  First Grade Treasure Hunt
Homes Unit

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