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Middle School Resources


Small Learning Communities at Middle Schools

In order to provide students and teachers with a more personalized and caring learning environment, to provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum in an identifiable context to all students, and to provide a portfolio of quality options for students, teachers, and parents, District policy requires the design of new secondary construction school configurations and the redesign of existing secondary school configurations into smaller learning communities of approximately 350- 500 students. Currently, large comprehensive secondary schools can serve more than 5,000 students and offer a wide range of courses in a departmentalized structure. This bulletin establishes guidelines and procedures for the implementation of Small Learning Communities in new and in existing secondary schools.

SLC Attributes

LAUSDs “Small Learning Communities” will have common characteristics or attributes guided by Board policy and the Superintendent’s priorities as referenced in Closing the Achievement Gap: Improving Educational Outcomes for Under-Achieving Students. All attributes and practices should result in increases in student performance of standards and decreases in the achievement gap. [more]


Useful Documents and Resources

Characteristics/Attributes of Personalized Learning Environments [.pdf]

Elements of A Successful Grade 6-8 Educational Program [.pdf]

Middle School Accountability Task Force

  • Belief Core Values and Goals [.pdf]
  • Recommendations [.pdf]

Taking Center Stage – Act II: A Portal for Middle Grades Educators [This is the latest version of the State Department of Education’s middle school reform document.  It is not printed formally by the State, it is available in its entirety on line.  It includes text, videos and offers tools based on best practice research for middle school education. more...]

Schools to Watch™—Taking Center Stage

  • Invitation to Participate in the 2007-08 SCHOOLS TO WATCH™ - TAKING CENTER STAGE PROGRAM [.pdf]
  • School Self-Study and Rating Rubric [.pdf]
  • Principal's Checklist [.pdf]






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