Instructional Programs at Roscoe

Content Standards


California Public Schools Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve

K-12 Standards




1. Identification of strategies, and the consistency/fidelity of implementation.

Roscoe utilizes the Open Court Language Art curriculum and the Scott Foresman Math

curriculum. In addition to these two research-based curricula teachers also incorporate

Laura Resnick's Principles of Learning.

2. What specific research-based strategies are used in special education programs?

In special education students are receiving the OCR and Scott Foresman programs,

but at their instructional grade level as defined in their IEPs.

3 What auxiliary services are used to provide extra assistance to students?

4. How is after-school and extended learning programs focused and aligned

with the standards and individual student learning needs?

After-School intersession (ELP) utilizes the same Language Arts program (OCR).

Thus, it has the same assessment scales, and is aligned with grade level standards.

In addition, Roscoe offers an after-school Homework Club and LAs BEST after-school enrichment program.

Each program attempts to provide individual assistance to students on grade level material.

5. What is the evidence that research-based strategies are used effectively in classrooms?

Continued improvement in standardized test scores, improved local test scores, and teacher observation of student

understanding of rubrics are supportive evidence of the effectiveness of research-based strategies is the classroom.

6. How is disaggregated data utilized to determine how and how well strategies are impacting closing the achievement gap?

Disaggregated data is shared and reviewed by all teachers. Results demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of the current program, and help to identify areas of need. A majority of the work is done during teacher grade level meeting time, except in Kindergarten which does not have grade level meeting time.

7. How is consistency of strategy implementation across classrooms ensured?

Fidelity to the curricular model is ensured in a number of ways. To begin with, there are pacing plans with assessment points. In addition, administrative walk throughs, staff Learning Walks, and grade level meetings all ensure that the program is being taught as it was intended to be.

8. How are curriculum maps and pacing guides utilized and monitored at the school?

Literacy and Math coaches support teachers in adhering to the curriculum maps and pacing plans. Student results on periodic tests indicate individual student and whole class acquisition of knowledge.

9. How are Learning Walks utilized at the school? In what ways do learning walks contribute to complete and consistent implementation of research-based strategies?

Learning Walks are used to determine consistency of strategy and implementation across classrooms.They benefit the individuals participating in the walk because debriefing sessions afterwards enhance individual teacher knowledge.

10. How are ELD, SDAIE, and primary language strategies used to facilitate access to the core program?

Roscoe operates a Structured English Immersion program. There are no bilingual classes. Howeever, 79% of the student population is LEP. Therefore, fully credentialed bilingual teachers are used to assist students in their English Language Development. In addition to the teacher support, both the OCR and Math series have supplemental guides fo second language learners.

11. How are research-based service delivery models used to ensure students with IEPÕs are provided service in the least restrictive environment?

Student referrals move through a Coordinated Services Team which includes an administrator, RSP teacher, nurse, psychologist, counselor, Outreach coordinator, bilingual coordinator, etc. The team assist teachers in attempting modifications and interventions prior to and after the Student success Team (SST) meetings. If a student gets to an IEP goals and objectives are determined based on the information gathered through the process.


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