Plasencia Math/Science Magnet

Plasencia Salutes Best Practices
    The administration and faculty of Plasencia Elementary/MSC School wish to recognize Best Practices in instruction.  We have selected teachers who have demonstrated best practices through a unit of instruction.  This includes demonstrating planning, use of appropriate grade level standards, definition of objectives, execution, completion of activities and mastery of skills.
    This period, we wish to recognize Ms. Claudia Vela for her work in integrating technology into her curriculum in all areas . Ms Vela has created a cyber classroom by using  the iPod and Belkin Tune Talk, Google Pages for the creation of class websites focusing on student work and activities, powerpoint projects by the students,  and the creation of videos by the students on academic content. Visit their website at to see their great work.

                                                   Great teaching for great learning!!!


Outstanding Student Work!

Mural Image 1 To help keep Betty Plasencia’s dream alive and to help everyone remember that the goal of the school is for the students to gain knowledge and the desire to become a lifelong learner, one of our teachers designed and executed a beautiful ceramic mural. The mural contains pieces of pottery and other bits of material donated by students, parents, community members, staff members, and many others. It truly contains parts of all of us. This wonderful work greets us as we enter the school.

  The artist and teacher who created the mural was Mrs. Cheryl Thomas. Assisting Mrs. Thomas with the execution of the mural was another very dedicated employee, Mrs. Anne Norbut.

Mural Image 3

Mural Image 4

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