Open Court Reading Research Page

The following are web site links to readings in the Open Court 2000 Reading Series used in most LAUSD elementary schools. Many links are those identified by the publisher, and others are links that I have found or teachers have suggested.

If you find a faulty link or have a suggestion for the addition of other web sites to this page, please contact us by email at

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Kindergarten Thematic Links


Reading Rainbow

Arthur Web Site
Books by Marc Brown

Bookworm Bunch



Shadow Activities

Make a Sun Clock

Stick to It!

First Grade Thematic Links

Captain Bill Pinkney's Journey

Field Trip

Travel the World
with Little Bear

Look Who's Reading

Rebus Rhymes

First Grade reading games


Kid's Farm

Kratt's Creature World


Sir Robert Hitcham's
Habitats Page

Los Angeles Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Veterinarian Jobs

Machines in our Garden

Motion Machine

Alexandria Elementary School Garden

Things That Go

Bicycle Museum of America

Early Transportaion

Boeing Kid's Page

Our Neighborhood at Work

What's My Job?

Rhymes for Community Helpers


Stories from Around the World


Dr. Seuss Games

       How To Play Games Movie

Web Gallery of Art

Keep Trying

How to Juggle

Edison, Electricity, and Inventors

Being Afraid

FEMA for Kids (The Federal Emergency Management Agency - Kid's Page

The Goggle-Eyed Green Hairy Monster And Me

Habitats and Landforms

Resource Page on Habitats and Landforms

The White House for Kids

Monticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson

Second Grade Thematic Links

Sharing Stories

Children's Storybooks Online

Author Betsy Byars' Web site


Look Again

Disappearing Act

Animals of the Rainforest


Yuri Gagarin

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project (Stanford University)

Photo Library of Martin Luther King, Jr. (LIFE Magazine)

Our Country and its People

Native Americas Website for Children

Symbols of the U.S. Government

Meet Amazing Americans


Diorama Room

Dinosaur and Paleontology Encyclopedia

Dinosaur Dig
Fossil Find

Third Grade Thematic Links


City Wildlife

50 Birds of Town and City

Backyard Habitats

The Great Habitat Matchup Game


Artrageous Thinking

Amazing Imagination Adventure

The Imagination Factory

Crayola Activity Book

Mark Kistler's Imagination Station

Pablo Picasso Gallery

Country Life

The Story of Milk
Virtual Tour

Kid's Farm

Animals at the County Fair

U.S. Department of Agriculture for Kids


Aesop's Fables: Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson

The Princess of the Bird People:
A Tale from Thailand

Tell a Story! By Aaron Shepard
Learn How to Tell a Story


That's My Piggy

Kid's Making Money

Fourth Grade Thematic Links

Risks and Consequences

Yuri Gagarin:
First Person in Space

The Underground Railroad

Dreams to Jobs

That's My Piggy

From Mystery to Medicine

Doctor Over Time

Meet Yorick, The Bionic Skeleton

All About Vaccines


Survival Stories from Antarctica

Help Save Endangered Species!

Trail of Freedom

Jamestown Fort Rediscovered

You Be the Historian

Benjamin Franklin:
Tour of his Life

Jamestown Colony Timeline
(4th Grade Class Project)

A Changing America

Lost in the Woods
The 9 Rules for Survival


How Wolves Communicate

A Conversation with Koko

Ocean Friends

(Download for Macintosh)
ASL Fingerspelling Quizzes
Mr. Anker Tests

Communicate with Kids All Over the World!

Fifth Grade Thematic Links

Cooperation and Competition

Satellites Tracking Manatees


Back Through the Stars

Hunt for Alien Worlds

National Air and Space Museum

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky

How Big is the Solar System?

The Sun

Starchild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers


Life Stories

The Civil War

Lincoln Historic Places

The Underground Railroad

The US Civil War (1861-1865)

New Frontiers

The Oregon Trail

The Great Migration

Journeys and Quests

Shackleton's Antartic Odyssey

Stories of the Lure and the Legacy

Lewis and Clark

Sixth Grade Thematic Links


Women in Aviation History

Long Flight

Inventors and Scientists

Uncovering the Past

Who is Buried in the Ice?

Chetro Ketl Great Kiva

Flints and Stones

Taking a Stand

Susan B. Anthony


Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Question of Value

6 Kinds of Paper Currency

Universal Currency Converter