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Picture of our schoolBetty Plasencia Elementary School is actually two schools in one. We have a Home School of about 1000 students and we have a Math/Science Magnet of about 140 students. We operate on a traditional single track calendar.

The school is located on Temple Street very close to downtown Los Angeles The surrounding community is made up of some very historic homes from the turn of the 20th century. The area is called Angelino Heights and many of the old Victorian homes are currently being renovated.

Betty Plasencia School was originally called Cortez Street because that was the name of the street that ran past the front of the school. When the school expanded across that street and made it the quad area of the campus a new naming was in order. We selected the name of a very special lady to all of us here at the school, Betty Plasencia.

Betty worked at Plasencia for many years. All of her children went here and some of her grandchildren still attend the school. She worked very hard for the children of our community so that they would stay out of gangs and trouble. Betty Plasencia died before her work was done but her name on our school reminds everyone about who she and Betty Plasencia Elementary School stand for.

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