Betty Plasencia Elementary School

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On July 1, 1982 Cortez Street School was renamed Betty Plasencia Elementary School. Betty Plasencia was a member of the community who cared about the community. She was raised here; she graduated from Belmont High School, and she came to work here in 1969 as an educational aide.

Mrs. Plasencia loved this school and loved this community. She worked hard to make both the school and the community better places for children. She helped to organize the library, block parent associations, youth activities, and neighborhood walks for teachers to acquaint them with the community. But most of all, she was known for helping children and young people. It was her dream that they all grow up to become successful adults.

Betty Plasencia was an inspiration to all who knew her. She continues to be missed by her family and her community. It is the responsibility of everyone to keep her dream alive. Students, come to school everyday. Work hard. Graduate from high school. Graduate from College. Get a good job. In doing these things, we will make Betty Plasencia's dream come true.

To help keep Betty PlasenciaÕs dream alive and to help everyone remember that the school is to fain knowledge and the desire to become a lifelong learner, one of our teachers designed and executed a beautiful ceramic mural.

The mural contains pieces donated by students, parents, community members, staff members, and many others. It truly contains parts of all of us. This wonderful work greets us as we enter the school.

The artist and teacher who created the mural was Mrs. Cheryl Thomas. Assisting Mrs. Thomas with the execution of the mural was another very dedicated employee Mrs. Anne Norbut.