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We're the best little school in LA. At Plainview, we believe that the future of our world lies in our children. We feel they have virtually unlimited potential and our jobs as parents, educators and administrators is to enable them to reach that potential.

Plainview emphasizes and promotes high standards and expectations for all students' academic achievemant and behavior. Each teacher has a paraprofessional to assist in more individualized attention, either for extra help in remedial work or for enrichment beyond the scope of regular classwork. In addition to purely academic achievement, Plainview provides a variety of learning experiences ranging from physical education to multicultural performances. The diversity of our broad based curriculum and instruction provides a strong foundation in gaining skills, knowledge and values.












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The leadership team which inludes representatives of all stakeholders has carefully reviewed the educational program at Plainview and envisions the following for ALL students:

All students will, to the best of their ability, be able to function as literate, contributing members of our society who respect themselves and others. Therefore:

Each student has a right and responsibility to learn and is expected to do so.

Both the school and community will promote high standards and expectations for all students' academic achievement and behavior.

All students will be provided a high quality education empowering them to function successfully in an interdependent, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and rapidly growing world.

Students will participate in a broad-based curriculum and instruction that will provide a strong foundation in gaining skills, knowledge, and values.

The educational program will provide students with a basic awareness of civic responsibilities through a sense of self-esteem and pride in our school.

A safe and orderly learning environment will be provided by the school to promote academic, social and emotional development for students in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding of people from diverse cultures and special needs.

The school staff and community will provide information and guidance for students to become aware of of post-secondary educational opportunities in their pursuit of a full and satisfying life.