Our Computer Lab
The O'Melveny Elementary Computer Lab opened on August 22nd, 2004. The Computer Lab was designed not only for the students, but for the staff and faculty as well. Dr. Terry Campa, the school’s principal (2000 to 2004), had an idea for the future for O’Melveny Elementary, to build a computer lab. The first step was to find a person who could take Dr. Campa’s Ideas and make them a reality. This person was Mr. Pat Stone (Educational Aid / Technology Assistance). The challenge was to turn a classroom into a modern day computer lab/ Media Center. This was the hardest step. Mr. Pat Stone had to research Dr. Campa’s ideas for the computer lab. Financed from the Academic Performance Index (A.P.I.), 2001 Governor’s Performance Award, and receiving donations from Washington Mutual Bank and The Verizon Foundation. With this, the school was able to purchased computers, printers, a server, and digital equipment. The school also upgraded all Macintosh computers on site to the 10.2.8 operating system. The computer lab took over a year to build. It entailed moving all the furniture out and installing power and Internet connections to all thirty – two computers, two printers and one server. After a year of hard work and effort by Dr. Campa, Mr. Pat Stone, and the Maintenance and Operations Department of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the O’Melveny Computer Lab was finished.
Next, Mr. Pat Stone intergrated all computer systems and printers on the network. This allowed students, teachers, and staff to work from any computer system in the school with more ease. Now it was time to start educating the students on computer technology skills. A three - year program was decided upon for third, fourth and fifth grades. Third grade will be instructed on using a computer and Internet use knowing what a computer really is, and using a computer to find information (Search Engines). Fourth grade will be instructed on using applications Word and Excel, using Word to write research papers, learn how to use most functions in Word (spell check, cells, centering words, using tool bars, etc…). Using Excel to make graphs. How to use most functions in Excel (spell check, cells, using tool bars, using a spread sheet, etc…). Integrating Word and Excel together in a final project. Fifth grade will be instructed on using the application Power Point one movie project. Learning how to make a basic Power Point presentation using Word, Excel, cameras, and The Internet. Learn how to use iMovie to make a short 5 to 10 minute movie, which will be presented at their fifth grade graduation. Finally, thanks to Mr. Pat Stone for maintaining all computers and the network. We hope the students, teachers, and staff will apply what they learned at O’Melveny Elementary to support them in future endeavors in school or in the work place.
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