Healthy Start
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The Norwood Healthy Start Program serves the students and families of Norwood Street School, an inner-city elementary school of 1200 students in Central Los Angeles near Pico-Union and the University of Southern California. The Norwood Healthy Start Program exists to ensure the health and well-being of Norwood students and their families. Norwood's Healthy Start has evolved into a program tightly connected to the community, with a strong, broad-based collaborative of over 30 partners, including many local community-based organizations, clinics, and government agencies.
The mission of the Healthy start collaborative is to give students what they need to succeed by providing an array of services and support that reduce barriers to learning. Programming focuses on four priority areas: improved student’s academic achievement; improve student & family health and well-being; improved family skills development; and improved neighborhood development, including safety.
Healthy Start coordinates services for the entire school population and provides case management services for families with multiple needs requiring intensive intervention. Students and families are provided with wrap-around services, e.g., housing and employment-related needs, shelter referrals for families experiencing domestic violence, transportation, basic needs such as emergency food and clothing. The resource of Healthy Start program have allowed the school to build truly comprehensive, collaborative systems involving partnerships with parents and public and nonprofits agencies that are responsive to the growing needs of the community. Norwood’s Healthy Start Program has been recognized for outstanding efforts in community outreach, parent’s involvement and has been instrumental in the marked service expansion in the community. 

Services For Chidren And Families:
Comprehensive Case Management Services
Individual and Group Counseling
Parenting Classes
Referrals to health, dental, legal, emergency and community resources
Dental Screenings
Asthma Medical Services
ESL Classes
Family Literacy Programs
Health Education Classes
Peace Games Violence Prevention Program
Kid Watch Safe Passages Program
After school & Off-track Tutorial Programs