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The mission of the Norwood school community is to educate our students to meet or exceed the state standards; to inspire in them an appreciation of learning and respect for diversity; to empower them to be able to participate successfully in a changing society. We will accomplish these goals through:

* Our commitment to implementing a high quality research based instructional program
* On-going professional development
* A strong parent education program that helps parents prepare their children for a diverse and changing society

Norwood Street School is both a LEARN and a School Based Managed school, which strives to have all stakeholders involved in the school governance. We have also been recognized as a California Distinguished School because of our student achievement and community involvement. Norwood has grades Pre-K-5, and provides services for 1,211 students with an ethnic population of 3% African American, 96 % Hispanic Latino, and less than 1% each of all other ethnicities. Of these students, 79% are English Language Learners (ELL). 98 % of the students receive free/reduced price meals, and 31% are from families receiving CALWorks services. Norwood Street School is a four-track (90/30) year round school located in the heart of central Los Angeles. Norwood has a gifted/high ability program and a special education program that serves kindergarten to fifth grade learning-disabled students and kindergarten through second Autistic student.
Norwood offers an array of program four our student s and parents which included: Peace Games, Art Prototype, a self contained Healthy Start site, and a member of USC’S Family of Five. We also have a very active Parent Center that coordinates the efforts of over 200 Parent Volunteers.
We have an excellent staff that is dedicated and committed to the education of the whole students. 28% hold a BBC/BCLAD credential while 40% are Spanish speaking and hold district “A” fluency. An additional 20% of the staff posses a LDS/CLAD/SB1969



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