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The California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse video picks:

Class Project: The Making of a Mission (Missions of California Series)
Father Junipero Serra (Missions of California Series)
Mission Carmel (Missions of California Series)

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SCORE lesson plans

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 Your Mission: The Last Mission

Imagine that you were there as the last California Mission was being completed. You have worked hard bringing the supplies, raising the buildings, and learning the ways of the native people. You have a satisfied feeling as the mission is up and running. As you begin your morning prayers, you hear a rider approaching with a message from a land far away... You have been asked to study the existing missions to find characteristics of a successful mission. Led by your discoveries, you must search for the perfect location for the final California mission.

Author: Andy Dooley-Miller

California Missions

On a summer day in 1769 in the Spanish territory of California, the first permanent Catholic mission was established in San Diego. By 1823 there were 21 missions stretching along the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco. The development of towns and cities in California is linked to the locations of the missions. In this lesson you will tour the missions and collect answers to questions for an information treasure hunt.

Author: Barbara Garrison

Annie's Mission

You are playing the role of Anne Biggs, the ten-year-old daughter of an American sailor. In 1817, as her father Bill, is preparing for a trip to the Orient, Annie's mother dies of tuberculosis. Bill can not bring himself to leave Annie, so he hides her on the ship and they make their way across the ocean. When they are in port in California, Annie's father is kidnapped and held in a mission. Help Annie find and rescue him.

Author: The original author unknown. Revised and adapted to HTML by Daniel Johnson


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