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Dan Madsen
Language Arts Computer Lab Coordinator
AKA: Technology Coordinator
Here I am looking out the window and thinking, something I do very well.


This is my new web page. This site should be available both inside and outside the district firewall. Check back frequently for new stuff.

Password Health District email accounts are available to all staff members, but it is particularly important that every teacher has an active account. This is because the user name and password that accesses an email account are the same as those that provide access to the teacher's LAUSDMAX account. This system is called Single Sign-on. Since teachers are required to submit attendance reports on LAUSDMAX and admission to the site requires an active Single Sign-on account, maintaining a valid Single Sign-on password is now part of the job. Click on the link above for an informative message about resetting passwords from Mark Pompey, Manager of the ITD Help Desk.

ePALS Madness Across the district, regular use of LAUSD Email by teachers is associated with minimal problems in the implementation of LAUSDMAX. Click on the hot link above for more reasons why you should check your EPALS Email every workday.

School Site IT Support Issues: A Virtual Roundtable This video concference on June 19th is intended to be venue of communication and human network building for site level technology support staff members.



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