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Science Fair Time Line

Science Fair Time Line:
Hey Everyone! It’s that time of year!  Sharpen those pencils, put on those lab coats!

  1. Displays for parents:
    June 13(Monday) (after school)
  2. Displays  judged by a panel
    Friday (June 10)
  3. Displays up in the classroom for Open House
    (June 7)
  4. Displays checked by Ms. Von Gremp and committee for final draft
    (June 6)
  5. Boards brought home for final touches and Titles are typed either at home or at school. 
    June 1 (Wednesday)
  6. Boards have an overall plan and graphics set in pieces.
    (Last 2 weeks of May)
  7. Experiment is taking place.  The student is researching an observation and either photographing or showing change in some way. 
    (All of May)
  8. Student chooses a testable question from which he/she will design and watch an experiment to see if their guess to the question (Hypothesis) is correct. (any time in April)
  9. Student narrows down their topic into what is a wondering of what will happen when…. Or a specific experiment where they can change the variable.   For example, what causes the greatest wave: a hard jolt, or long rolling rock? This is the most difficult step, so see if you can funnel your thoughts down during Spring Break.  Also, see your teacher, the internet, or Ms. Von Gremp for help.
  10. Parents and students invited to attend an information meeting in the auditorium 
    May 12 (Thursday) afterschool
  11. Student has a packet to refer to Scientific Method and websites that are helpful. 
    (April 25th from rm. 25)
  12. Student chooses a topic that they are truly interested in and want to find more about in science.  (Such as tsunami’s, flooding, etc) 
    (mid April)
  13. Student decides they want to be a part of the science fair this year and get a ribbon and possible medallion.  Yeah!
  14. (Ms. von Gremp will come around to the rooms to get you all psyched up!  
    April (all month))
  15. Student loves science and wants to do experiments on their own to test their theories and ideas.  Always!:)

Let’s brainstorm!   You can work with your whole class!  You can work with a buddy!  You can work by yourself!  We can ask older kids from the high school to volunteer to help as mentors.  The possibilities are endless!  If you dream it, it will happen! We will have big party and celebrate our awesomeness as scientific thinkers whatever you choose on June 16!