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Network for a Healthy California

Our mission to increase healthy eating and physical activity among Melrose students. Our goal is to motivate children to eat more fruits and vegetables and enjoy 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The Network's Web site it is designed to provide everyone – whether you’re a teacher, parent or kid – all of the tools needed to get moving toward a healthier lifestyle!

Attention All Parents!

Don’t Throw Away That Empty Cartridge!
Bring it to school!

Our school has launched a fundraising project with the help of an inkjet recycling company Empties4Cash. Empty inkjet cartridges, laser toners, old cell phones and other small electronic devises such as mp3 players can be recycled and remanufactured. Our school will receive up to $4.00 for each cartridge turned in. This will directly benefit our school and the students not to mention it is great for the environment.

You can help! Any inkjet cartridge with a print head can be recycled, regardless of brand or type. Do you have an HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Compaq, Brother, Dell, Canon, or Apple printer? Bring in your empty OEM inkjet cartridges (placed in the original box that you would have thrown away to keep it safe from spills and damages, or a Ziploc bag) to the school. We have a box for recyclable empty catridges in the school lobby.
(Note: Epson cartridges cannot be recycled – they don’t have a print head.)

Save Up To 80% On Cartridges While Raising More Funds For The School! allows consumers to save money on overpriced cartridges and they have a 5% Rebate Program where consumers can have 5% of their purchases donated to the school. This will help us raise more funds for the school and its students.

Thank you for your Support!

Bedtime Stories
The faculty, staff, and students at Melrose Avenue Elementary School are very happy to present “Bedtime Stories”. This read aloud program is scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of every month from 5:00 – 6:30 P.M. We will try to host them in our school library unless the number of students participating forces us to use our auditorium.

We hope to identify a sponsor for each event, and will therefore have a dinner snack available to those students who attend. In the past we were proud to have Pink’s Hot Dogs as a major sponsor, and we are hopeful to have them as part of our team again.

Students are encouraged to bring a blanket and wear pajamas to enhance the “bedtime story” experience. Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to Library Assistant, Ms. Sally Carollo, or Kindergarten Teacher, Mr. Kelly Willis.

College/ University Paraphernalia Fridays
In order to support our students in College Awareness, October Fridays will be college paraphernalia days. Please wear a college item of a school for which you have a passion (alma mater, school your child attends or a school you just love) one, two or all the Fridays in October. The goal is to get the school community talking about different colleges/ universities. Thank you for your support!

Melrose Star Book and Journalism Clubs Update

Both clubs have commenced. I big thank you to Ms. Bertucelli and Mr. Willis for being advisors to the Book Club. The fourth and fifth graders were so thrilled! This month the Book Club is reading Swordbirds written by 12 year old Nancy Yi Fan!

The Journalism Club is gearing up to publish their first edition in mid-October. Their first collective assignment is to research API and its significance and college readiness and its importance. They have been encouraged to ask Melrose teachers about both issues.

Arts Education Update by Stacy Bertucelli

* In order to best meet the needs of students; we have made a few changes in the Visual Arts Schedule.
* Remember, teachers are to participate in the lesson and support students.
* Journal entries follow all classes.
* Nametags are needed for all students and are sure to make portfolios for student work.

Thank you! Mr. A & Ms. B

Update on School Beautification

Ms. Bertucelli, Mr. Willis, Ms. Debra Mooradian (kindergarten parent), Ms. Lapinsky, Ms. Carollo, Ms. Dryden and I have been working with James Etue (Silver Lakers Organization) and his wife, Yuriko (the artist), on applying for the Community Beautification Grant, which is awarded by the City of Los Angeles “as a way for community members to shape their neighborhoods.” If we are successful in the grant bid, the Silver Lakers will create an art installation on the south exterior wall of the building. The theme of the art installation is “Reaching for the Stars.” The Observatory will be a featured element of the art installation. If you are interested in viewing other works created by Yuriko, please visit You will be able to view other art installations that they have created for LAUSD schools.


* Have children choose their own books as soon as they start showing a preference for one over another.

* Find the children's section of your local library. Get to know the librarian, who can be a great resource.

* Find out what your child is interested in, and help choose books that are related to his or her interests.

* Ask friends, family, and teachers what books their children have enjoyed; try a book swap.

* If your child does not like a book you are reading together, put it away. Reading is a fun time to share, not a time to fight.

* Again, Again, Again! Children may want to read the same book many times, even if you think they have outgrown it.†

* Use book lists generated by various literacy organizations; they usually have good suggestions. For example: American Library Association, International Reading Association, Children's Book Guild

* Look for books that you will like reading aloud. Your enjoyment will shine through and become contagious.

* Try out different kinds of books to see what appeals to your children.

* Have fun! Show your children the joy of reading and how it can open up a brand new world!

Filming and Parking On Campus

As you may know, many LAUSD schools in this area are used for the film and commercial industry. Melrose Avenue is a school that because of our close proximity to the film studios and location to Hollywood is often selected to be used in commercials or films. Please note that the education of our students is the utmost importance and that filming will be avoided or scheduled when children are not in session or after school hours. There may be instances where filming will occur directly after classes and therefore film crews may need to park on our playground. When this occurs, we will close a portion of the play ground and add an additional recess and lunch schedule to accommodate half of the school. The amount of instructional time and recess and lunch time will remain unchanged, however the time may be staggered to accommodate the two recess and lunches on half the playground.

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