**Wall of Honor**  

Listed below is the set of names which grace the walls of our recently named administration building, Burke Hall. These alumni were nominated and chosen by various alumni organizations.

Some information here is sketchy and may be inaccurate. If you are able to contribute to the completeness and accuracy of the Wall of Honor, please send the information to our Sitemaster.

Ralph Ahn

W 1944

CSULA; Well-known Restauranteur; Football Coach

George Albee

S 1922

Writer, published many best-selling novels.

David Anthony


School Police Officer

Jon Arnett

c 1952

L.A. RAMS; USC All American; MA All City Halfback

Gus Arriola


Syndicated Cartoonist for 40 yrs. with "Gordo"

Roy Ash

W 1935

President, Litton Industries; Member, White House Cabinet in Finance

Dr. Robert Barner


LAUSD Educator; MA Past Principal

James Bates


MA All American HS Football-Ran 9.4 in 100-yd

Ted Bates


All City Lineman; Oregon State; St. Louis Pro team

David Beavon

W 1934

World famous inventor of pollutions controls with many patents

Paul Blair


Professional Athlete-Orioles

James Blewett

S 1917

MA Football Coach of many City Champ Teams

William Blurock

W 1940

Internationally know, award-winning architech

Lymon (Wesley) Bostock


California Angels Baseball (Deceased)

Yvonne Brathwaite Burke

W 1950

L.A. Co. Supervisor; CA Congresswoman

Benjamin Braziel



Steve Brousard


Seattle Sea Hawks

Eugene Burdick



Frank Capra

W 1915

Academy Award Winning Movie Producer

Dr. William Carr


National Education Association Executive Director

Dr. Richard Cooper

S 1941

Area Superintendent; on Oxy Staff; 3rd Principal of MA

Thomas Cunningham


Judge; Legal Advisor & V.P. of University of California

Otis Davis


Set world records in track events in 1960 Olympic Games

James (Jimmie) Doolittle

S 1913

WW II General, U.S. Army; Air pioneer, led Tokyo Raid; Command of 8th Army as Gen.

Mario Ecung


United Airlines Captain

Arnold Eddy


USC Graduate Manager

J. Paul Elliott

W 1914

President, LA Board of Education; Attorney; President, Coliseum Comm.

Gordon Ray Elliott

S 1934

Top executive positions with U.S. Veterans' Affairs

Tom Fears

W 1941

All City Football; All-Pro End, L.A. RAMS; Pro and College Hall of Fame

Earl Frieden

W 1939

Ph.D; Distinguished Chemistry Professor, Florida State U.; Author

Buron Fitts

c 1913

L.A. City District Attorney; Lt. Governor, State of California

Robert Garrick

S 1938

RAMS; USC; Rear Admiral U.S. Navy; Counsel to Reagan White House

Pancho Gonzalez


Nationally ranked tennis player

Kathryn Grayson


Leading Lady in many Hollywood musical films

Kenneth Griffin

W 1931

1936 Olympics Representative in Gymnastics

John Hall

W 1946

Newpaper Writer; All City Basketball; MA SB President

Tom Hanlon

c 1920

Chief Announcer, KFI radio

Lance Kevin Hardy


Pomona College; SB Pres.; (Deceased)

Robin Harris


Comedian/Actor (Deceased)

Ray Harryhausen

W 1939

Producer, Science Fiction Films; Academy Award

Jack Hastings


LAUSD Administrator

Cliff Henderson

S 1915

Org. National Air Races; Developed City of Palm Desert

Dennis Holt

S 1954

(nee Fagerhult) CEO, Westin Media, Inc.

Don Hunt

W 1944

Brig. General US Army;

Lawrence Houston

S 1924

LAUSD Director of Athletics and P.E.

Rachel Robinson Isum

S 1941

Director-Jackie Robinson Foundation

Beverly Jackson



Carlos Jackson


L.A. County Administrator

Dollita Jo Jackson



Jorge Jackson


LAUSD Administrator

Santiago Jackson


Vice Pres., GTE

Bernard Jefferson

S 1923

Judge, Appeals Court

De Wayne Jessie



Edgar J. Johnson

S 1922

President, Golden State Life

Erskine Johnson

W 1929

Editor, Columnist, Motion Picture Commentator

Gracie Jones


LAUSD Administrator

Daniel Kaufmann

S 1935

Municipal/Superior Court Judge; Ephebian; SB President

Goodwin Knight

W 1914

Former Governor of California; Superior Court Judge

Stanley Knowles

S 1926

Member, Canadian Parliament for 38 yrs. until 1984

Margaret Shedd Kisich

S 1916

Short Story Writer

Harold Labriola

W 1935

Varsisdty Basketball MA & USC; Athletic Orthopedic Surgery Pioneer

Ben Lardizabal

W 1945

All City Lineman in Football; Football honors at USC

Mittie Lawrence



Ralph Lewis

S 1936

Philanthropist; One of U.S. largest home builders (Lewis Homes)

Hugh MacBeth

W 1937

Judge, Superior Court; Lawyer; Ephebian

Arthur Manella

W 1935

Philanthropist; Prominent So. Cal. Tax Attorney

George Mann


CA Supreme Court Justice

Leon (Mickey) McArdie

W 1940

All City Football; Rose Bowl star for USC; Film Producer

Barkman McCabe


President, Magma Oil Co.

Stephanie McGriff

W 1967

Educator, LAUSD

Daryl McLemore


LA PD Detective

Dan McMillan


Pacific Oil & Gas; Cal Wonder Team; All City Football; College Football Hall of Fame

Sterling McMurrin, PhD.

W 1931

Utah University Chancellor; U.S. Commisioner of Education

Olivia E. Parker Mitchell


LA City Administrator

Kimball Moore

S 1936

San Diego City Manager; Ephebian

Doyle Nave

W 1935

All City Halfback on 1934 City Champ team; Rose Bowl hero USC 1940

Kenneth Norris

W 1916

Philanthropist-USC Health Center; Head of Norris Industries; All State Tennis

Morrie Notrica


Owner-32nd Street Market, Los Angeles

Lewis Notrica


Owner-32nd Street Market, Los Angeles

JoAnn Cook Parker



Paul Wesley Parker, Jr.



Donald Pitts, Sr.



Dwayne Polee


Three-time All City Basketball

Jackson Pollock


One of the most prominent U.S. painters of 20th Century

Morford Riddick

c 1925

President, Santa Monica Community College

John Scolinos

W 1937

Cal Poly Baseball Coach; MA All Time Football Center

Ernie Serfas

W 1941

Record holder in Track at MA and USC; noted restaurateur

Ronnie Smith


100M World Record

Irving Stone

S 1927

Novelist; Biographer whos novels were made into top motion pictures

Dr. James Taylor

S 1944

Deputy Supt. LAUSD; Varsity Basketball; MA SB Vice Pres.

Flora Trimble


Principal, LAUSD

Mark Ridley-Thomas


LA City Council Member

Natalie Whitsett


Principal, LAUSD

Paul Winfield


Lead Actor in many movie films (i.e., Sounder)

Phyllis Williams


Educator, LAUSD

Beverly Kate Cook Wilson



Julian Wolf

S 1941

Rowing Hall of Fame as Olympic Games Coach and participant

Ronald Wong


Educator, LAUSD

Raymond Wrenn




Manual Arts High School
Jan 2005