MAHS alumni liaison: Myra (Porter) Robertson (Class of '73)

email: manualartsalumni@yahoo.com

Phone: (323) 291-0541 or (323) 291-0204


Class of '73 can reach Myra at: mahs_classof73@yahoo.com

Calling ALL Wall of Honorees & Alumni Business Owners and Pastors -- Contact Myra ASAP!

A Special Thank You from Myra - Purple and Gray Ball

Click Here for Class of 1965-1966 Annual Alumni Picnic

C/O 85 20-Year Reunion Contact: Pamela Jenkins, 213-968-1045. E-mail: sissweetp@comcast.com PO Box 1632, Gardena, CA 90249or Taliha Johnson, 323-567-1900 E-mail: akreative1man@aol.com

C/O 86 20-Year Reunion Contact: Regina Farmer 323-750-2448

C/O W 1955 50th Reunion C/O 1975 Cruise

C/O S1958 Forty-Year Reunion Pages

.C/O 1990 Reunion Pictures

.C/O 1991 Reunion Pictures

Class of 1958 and Forty Year Reunion Gala can be found on: http:/100/www.coretek.org/manualarts.html

Alma Mater with accompanying music

A Pictoral Trip Down Memory Lane 

Wall of Honor List

On November 7, 1998, over 100 alumni were voted by their peers to be part of this distinguished list

Wall of Honor Ceremony Snapshots

More Notable Toilers

Harold Lehman S'31 Art Editor Bio & Art Work

In Memory of Dwayne Philip O Steen, Sr.



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