Venus in Mars


Johnny Cruz and William Vasquez

On October 4, 1957, the space era began. Who would know that we could ever get this far in our technology? On July 20, 1969 the Americans landed on the moon and were the first people to accomplish such a thing. On July 4, 1997 the United States took one step further. They sent a Mars lander to investigate if there ever was life on Mars. Scientist said that in the 22nd century there might be people living on Mars. The question is what will be the outcome of living in space?

The year is 2198. Society on earth had evolved into a peaceful world. The U.N. was demolished. Presidents ceased to exist. The world had become a great, big Garden of Eden, no pollution, and high tech.

Unlike the good fortune of earth, the population that evolved on Mars was rebellious, although the planet's land proved to be fruitful. Some citizens in Mars thought theirs was a wonderful world. In a laboratory brilliant scientists worked to make life a little easier. Within this group of scientists there was one who was different from the others, Ralph Foster. Ralph was a quiet guy, fascinated with the mysteries of space, most people thought that he was a nut, but he loved his work.

One day while working with a new microscope Ralph discovered that a disease was evolving in the vegetation of Mars. His research uncovered the fact certain plants the had been imported from earth carried a strange disease. Earth people called them Venus Flytraps. Concerned, Ralph looked further into the disease he had discovered. Apparently the plants were fortified with hormones from Venus flytrap genes. Ralph thought it was his duty to announce this to his fellow scientist. At lunchtime he announced his discovery in the laboratory.

"My dear. fellow scientist. I have found something disturbing in my lab. I have found that a specific strain of plants, the Venus Fly Trap which is imported from Earth, is having problems surviving here."

All the scientist at the table bombarded Ralph with questions, but the one question that kept coming up was how could it be?

"The hormones of the plants are beginning to produce other plants of different origins, they seem to be lacking nutrients and beginning to wither away. I will certainly keep you updated on my progress."

Ralph knew he had found the discovery of the century that would leave his name in history books. He continued with his research and found nothing that helped the dying plants. One day while eating in his lab he dropped a piece of bologna on the floor. Nearby plants stretched their tendrils, reached over the counter, and devoured the lunch meat. When Ralph saw this, he realized that the plants were carnivores. Ralph rushed to the lounge and announced his discovery.

"I have discovered another fact!" exclaimed Ralph, "I found that the plants are carnivores."

"Do you know what made the flytraps into meat eaters?" questioned Carl.

"I believe that the plants changed because of the environment on Mars. The way the atmosphere has affected them and the air they breath," answered Ralph with confidence.

Ralph returned to his studies. While working late one night he discovered that the flytrap went into another extreme metamorphoses, it sprouted plants with three legs. He thought this was a huge discovery. Ralph rushed to the cafeteria and spoke out about his new discovery to his fellow scientists.

"I have discovered a change in the plants that will alter the world." said Ralph, " I found that the plants have developed legs."

After announcing his discovery the plants entered the cafeteria. Ralph went to the plants, and with confidence he reached over the plants' head and showed it to his fellow colleagues.

"This is the discovery that will change the world."

While introducing his discovery the plants had the urged to eat. The Venus started licking Ralph's hands. Ralph noticed this reaction, and noticed that other plants were coming out of the lab, all with the same urge. Closer and closer they came to the people, soon with rage the Venus tried to bite Ralph.

"Run! run I say! run!" said Ralph with fear

The whole flock of people rushed to the doors. Ralph, knowing it was his fault, tried to work his way out of the cafeteria to his laboratory to find a solution to the madness he discovered. The Venus flytraps were to busy eating the other scientists that they didn't notice Ralph. Some of the Venus flytraps realized that Ralph was trying to sneak out of the cafeteria. They rushed towards Ralph who was able to get safely into the lab.

In minutes the plants were spitting out more plants. The reproduction went out of control. The plants made another metamorphoses, and sprouted three heads. While that was going on Carl and Charles, the only survivors, managed to hide and escape from the Venus fly traps.

"Charles are you all right!" asked Carl.

"I'm O.K. where's Ralph?" asked Charles.

"I think he went to the laboratory" replied Carl.

Both Carl and Charles rushed to the laboratory. With a surprise in their face, they discovered that Ralph was experimenting with some formulas.

"Ralph, what are you doing! The whole world is praying and you are playing with formulas!" shouted Charles.

"No! this might be the answer for these monsters." answered Ralph, "it's a combination between weed spray and anti-freeze. I hope it works."

All three rushed out of the lab and went to the city. They discovered that the city had become a ghost town. Pieces of skin and body parts where everywhere. They also discovered that the plants where leaving offspring to eat the left over. They rushed to the army base and informed General Henrick that they thought they had a cure for what was happening.

General Henrick said, "We the military have everything under control."

"Have you seen the city? It's an awful site, like everyone was butchered," answered Charles.

"Ralph has discovered a solution here," said Carl.Turning his head he discovered that Ralph disappeared. He hadtaken an F117-A airplane.

Ralph had an idea to bomb the plants. He flew off, while flying plants attacked him. He dodged plants left and right. One of the plants took part of his wing. He was dropping like a do-do head falling from a building. He knew he had one chance and one chance only. He fired the missile in the middle of the street. He might lose his life. At the base all of the people were cheering.

General Henrick exclaimed, "It is time to be happy-the human race will survive."

All the troops from the camp went outside with a blow torch and guns. They shot anything that moved. At the edge of the city they found Ralph hanging from a poll crying to get down.

"What are you doing up there?" asked Charles.

"I ejected right after the plane fell."

They took Ralph down and they all hugged each other. Nobody was aware that at the lab a new plant was evolving. A dog crept closer, while the plant was being created in the sun. The dog sniffed at it and the plant attacked the dog taking its soul.

About the Authors

Johnny Cruz is a Junior in the College Prep Magnet program at Manual Arts High School. He likes to collect comics and play soccer with his friends. Sometimes, he likes to try new things. He enjoys Math and Science and plans to be a successful doctor.


William Vasquez is an 11th grader at Manual Arts High School. His hobbies include drawing and playing different sports. His favorite subject is Physical Science. He plans to attend Brooks College and he wants to major in Graphic Design.






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